The Temperance Movement

'A Deeper Cut'

Album Review              10/10

The Temperance Movement are back with their third studio album titled 'A Deeper Cut'.

I first encountered this band probably about four years ago and their self titled debut album was an amazing representation of this great band.

They released their second studio album 'White Bear' in 2016 and this was also a fantastic album with some really unique and thoughtful songs which led to another successful project.

2018 sees the release of 'A Deeper Cut', their third studio album and twelve songs of pure genius. This is a fantastic album and one that you really need to invest in. These guys go from strength to strength and not only do they create great music but as a live band they are one of the best. A must see band in my humble opinion.

We are treated to an explosive start to this latest album with 'Caught In The Middle' with its infectious beat and a barrage of lyrics from Phil's unique voice before 'Built-In Forgetter' where the drums lay down the beat before guitar and vocals take you on a rock n roll TTM journey.

'Love and devotion' has the feel of a 'Sly and the Family Stone' tune with the opening riff, but soon there is no doubt that this is a TTM song although there is the underlying 'Sly' tones throughout.

Title track next with 'A Deeper Cut' which slows the pace to a wonderful ballad that showcases Phil's vocals wonderfully. A beautiful tune. 'Backwater Zoo' is in keeping with the slower pace where we start with just Phil and the keyboard before we hit a funky beat with a feel good vibe, which has a Soulful, slightly Gospel feel.

'Another Spiral' has a slow and sultry start with Phil's vocals again drawing you in to another amazing and haunting track, which is followed by 'Beast Nation', with an offbeat almost reggae feel about this interesting track.

'The Way It Was And The Way It Is Now' has by far the longest title on the album but again has a very typical TTM sound with a funky yet soulful vibe complemented by Phil's amazing voice. This track is followed by 'Higher Than The Sun', another musical journey of discovery with yet another great track.

The pace slows for 'Children' and takes you through a thoughtful and beautiful story before 'There's Still Time', the penultimate track which is a mid tempo number that again is just a fantastic put together track with an infectious sound.

'The Wonders We've Seen' is the last track on the album and again has a stripped back start before Phil's voice works amazing with the haunting and spiritual chorus.

Track Listing

1. 'Caught In the Middle'

2. 'Built-In Forgetter'

3. 'Love And Devotion'

4. 'A Deeper Cut'

5. 'Backwater Zoo'

6. 'Another Spiral'

7. 'Beast Nation'

8. 'The Way It Was And The Way It Is Now'

9. 'Higher Than The Sun'

10. 'Children'

11. 'There's Still Time'

12. 'The Wonders We've Seen'

The Temperance Movement - Caught In The Middle (Live on STV)

The Temperance Movement are Phil Campbell, Paul Sayer, Nick Fyffe, Matt White and Simon Lea.