Andy Quick

Diamond Sounds EP Review

Quote from Bio:- Formed in Sept 2016 in a living room in Devon The Andy Quick Band hit the ground running with a highly original debut Album 'The Way Things Are' recorded at the infamous Middle Farm Studio and packed with big riffs and playful lyricism "...soulful, funky, and bursting with confidence..."

Based in the west country, Andy has such a diverse musical sound that you will find it almost impossible to pigeon hole him into one particular genre.



Track list:-

1. 'Tarantula'

2. 'Caned And Able'

3. 'More Man Than Monkey'

4. 'Blood'


Third track on the EP is the strangely titled 'More Man Than Monkey'. Again this has more of a spoken lyrical vibe with fantastic musicianship creating a vibrant feel to this track.


Last track is titled 'Blood' and has a funky Caribbean feel and sound, lyrically and musically.

This EP is definitely an eclectic mix of musical styles, but somehow works to bring you a first class recording. Two Finger Media gives this a 4/5.



This latest EP titled 'Diamond Sounds' consists of 4 tracks, each one as different as the last. 

We start with a track called 'Tarantula' with its crazy guitar intro before being joined by the drums then the vocals kick in sounding a bit like Ian Dury. The overall feel is of a track that keeps building and building in intensity, reaching a crescendo with a rap......

Next up we have 'Caned And Able' with its blues ridden John Lee Hooker vibe, all brought together with some wonderful gruff vocals and driving beat.