Austin Jenckes

If You Grew Up Like I Did - Album Review

Excerpt from bio:- Introspective country-singer songwriter Austin Jenckes is getting ready to release his debut album If You Grew Up Like I Did May 31 via Red Dot. The Nashville-based, Seattle area native has revealed three songs from the anticipated effort, including the lead track 'Fat Kid' featuring Lori McKenna, the previously released 'Ride Away', and his latest song, 'Never Left Memphis'.


Known for his signature vocals, 'Never Left Memphis' is a loud, thumping track that combines rock, blues and classic Southern soul. It’s currently featured on Apple Music’s Best of the Week, Country Roads and Hot Tracks playlists, while also being spotlighted on Spotify’s New Music Nashville and Fresh Folk & Americana playlists.




'We Made It' is a powerful start to this debut album, with a strong intro before Austin's wonderful vocals take you on a journey from which there is no return. A radio friendly power ballad.


Track two is titled 'Never Forget', and is a very beautiful sounding, slower country love song, again wonderfully sung by Austin.


'American Nights' is another slower country ballad which will no doubt be a favourite of many who buy this album. This has a very commercial sound and I'm sure will go down well at shows.


'Fat Kid' (feat Lori McKenna) is a beautiful tune sung with feeling and passion, which takes you back in time with the lyrics. You will be singing along with the chorus in no time whatsoever and reminiscing about your school days.




'Bet You'd Look Good' is again a slower to mid tempo ballad that builds to a wonderfully balanced song musically and lyrically.


'Never Left Memphis' is a beast of a funky tune and is my personal favourite. We are treated to some fantastic guitar riffs and a beat that will have you dancing around the room or drumming on your car steering wheel. What a tune this is and I for one can't wait to hear it played live.



Austin will be in the UK later this year so be sure to catch him if you can. He will also be playing a one off UK show on May 29th 2019 at the Pizza Express Jazz Club in London. Check his website for details of all his events coming up.

Track list:-

1. 'We Made It'

2. 'Never Forget'

3. 'American Nights'

4. 'Fat Kid' (feat. Lori McKenna)

5. 'Bet You'd Look Good'

6. 'Never Left Memphis'

7. 'If You'd Been Around'

8. 'There's A Song'

9. 'Ride Away'


Next up is 'If You'd Been Around' where the pace slows right down for this tune that's stripped back and raw with a real heartfelt feel and sound.


'There's A Song' is the penultimate tune on this album, and again we are treated to a vocal masterclass from our country troubadour, supported by a very accomplished bunch of musicians.


We finish this debut album with a track called 'Ride Away', and this is another mid tempo country song which will again have you hooked and singing along with the chorus before too long I'm sure.


Austin has gone for quality rather than quantity on this debut album, but with nine fantastic songs you are sure to be impressed. Vocally this man has it all, and he is supported exceptionally by a very capable band. 

My favourite tracks are 'Fat Kid' and the absolutely rockin 'Never Left Memphis'.

This is a very very good debut album, and if you like your modern day country music then this is a must add to your collection. A great voice and a great selection of songs. TFM gives 'If You Grew Up Like I Did', release date May 31st 2019, a big 4.5/5.