Ayron Jones

'Child Of The State'

Guitarist & singer Ayron Jones whose songwriting is filled with raw emotion is the new sound of Seattle.

The gritty, genre-blending artist is an amalgam of the incredibly rich history of the city from Jimi Hendrix to Nirvana. Cultivating a robust following in the Pacific Northwest, cementing himself as a Seattle name and earning the embrace of the city’s musical royalty including Duff McKagan, Mike McCready, and more. His independent rise allowed him to hone his creative vision before signing with Big Machine/John Varvatos Records on the next step of his musical and creative journey.


His debut single 'Take Me Away' cemented that vision and chart topping success, hitting Top 5 at Rock Radio and setting the bar for singles to come, including his latest 'Mercy'. Jones penned the song last summer alongside Marty Frederickson and Scott Stevens, and by that point, during one of the most tumultuous years in recent American history, the whole world appeared to be on fire.


The song, full of charged lyrics and melodies, strongly captures a collective consciousness of the time. It is also, though, underscored by a vision of hope and endurance. Through it all, we persevere. As Jones continues his ascent in the Rock World he also continues breaking barriers, as he explains "being black in the rock industry, I was forging a path into establishments and onto tours that had not previously embraced an artist like me. But the one thing that always changed minds and spoke for itself was the music." His reach now extends well beyond Seattle, playing alongside such acts as Run DMC, Public Enemy, Rahkim, Jeff Beck, Theory of a Deadman, Robin Trower, and Spearhead, as well as opening for iconic acts such as Guns ’N’ Roses at the Gorge and B.B. King plus notable festival performances to include SXSW, Sasquatch, and Bumbershoot.


'Spinning Circles' starts with violins which give a wonderful orchestral feel before another wonderful vocal display for this fabulous mid tempo ballad which has attitude a plenty. Ayron's vocals are just on point throughout with all the tempo changes. 

'Supercharged' lifts the pace for a full throttle pedal to the metal track. Another big chorus that will stay with you for hours, before we have 'Hot Friends', which is a riff laden and funky beast from start to finish. 'Emily' has a heavy riff driven opening before Ayron's vocals kick in and the two are matched perfectly for this penultimate number. A haunting and melodic track.
'Take Your Time' draws to a close this fabulous album with a mid tempo and upbeat tune that has a wonderful vibe and will bring you down nicely for the end of the album.


'Child Of The State' is definitely a way of portraying all the issues we are all facing during these tough times, and all the anger and aggression that builds up with all the injustice around today. Ayron comes across to me as an artist who knows what he wants to share musically and is not afraid to tackle hard hitting issues. Musically he for me is like a mix of Lenny Kravitz and Gary Clark Jnr with a bit of Prince and Hendrix thrown in for good measure. To be honest I am more than happy with that combo. Although I am sure that he has drawn on these influences and more, he still maintains his own mantra and edge to his songs that make them unmistakably his. 

TFM gives 'Child Of The State' a gritty 9/10. A thought provoking and hard hitting album for the modern era.

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'Boys From the Puget Sound' is an intense and aggressive opening number with a full on angry groove from the start. Heavy as hell dirty guitar driven start to the album, followed by 'Mercy' which has a similar beat to the first track but a lot lighter in nature. A funky and groove laden track with a huge chorus. This will have your head bobbing. 'Take Me Away' builds again to an angry vibe with an excellent and aggressive sound. Again intense guitar and soulful vocals drive this track.

'Baptized in Muddy Waters' is just a cool bluesy and soulful funky track both vocally and musically. A great vibe throughout exploding into a huge chorus then back down again. Wonderful flow. Next up is 'My Love Remains', which is a beautiful sounding ballad. Emotive and full of soul throughout with a great sing a long chorus.

'Free' brings back the attitude with an addictive beat that just works. This is probably the most commercial sounding track whilst still maintaining that edge. 

'Killing Season' brings us a distortion fest mixed with combative vocals to create another meaningful and hard hitting track.