The Cinelli Brothers

'Babe Please Set Your Alarm'

Album Review.

Italy has produced many things which make our lives so much better. Fabulous food, wine, shoes, clothes and cars.

And now, introducing The Cinelli Brothers and their sparkling debut album 'Babe Please Set Your Alarm' due for release on May 18th, we have some of the finest blues from this side of Chicago and Austin in years.

The Italian born, London based brothers, Alessandro and Marco Cinelli, are drummer and lead vocal/lead guitarist respectively of this fresh new outfit. Harmonica master Rollo Markee adds the tangy parmesan to their tasty Bolognese sauce.

This authentic, in your face, take no prisoners blues, is not just another rock album disguised as the blues, far from it. They stay loyal and respectful to the originators of the genre, but with a modern day twist.

Having listened to this album I have to say how good it really is, and it really is a real blues album with some great sounds and awesome tracks that make this a definite purchase if you in any way like the blues.

Please check these guys out and don't forget to check out their debut album released May 18th.

TFM gives 'Babe Please Set Your Alarm' a 4.5/5.

Track list:

1. 'Your Lies'

2. 'Cry And Shout'

3. 'Babe Please Set Your Alarm'

4. 'Don't Hold Back And Love Me'

5. 'So Tired'

6. 'Rocco'

7. 'Back Door Man'

8. 'She Done Gone Away'

9. 'One More Minute Over Me'

10. 'Dark Eyes'

11. 'Chain Of Fools'

12. 'Kiss'


'She Done Gone Away'