Bad Touch

'Kiss The Sky'

Release Date June 19th 2020 - Marshall Records

Excerpt from press release:- Bad Touch’s highly anticipated fourth studio album 'Kiss The Sky' was recorded, produced and mixed by Nick Brine at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales. The album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London.


"We’re so excited about this recording", says lead singer Stevie Westwood. "Just to record our songs in such a legendary place as Rockfield was a real buzz. I know it’s a cliché but, in our humble opinion, this is our most exciting recording to date, and we can’t wait to get it out there in front of a crowd".


Album Review


'I've Got The Music In Me' is that song made famous by Kiki Dee back in 1974, but given the Bad Touch treatment and brought forward to the 21st century with a bang. If this doesn't get you moving then you must be dead. Again great backing vocals.

'Can You Save Me' is a fabulous power ballad for want of a better description, with a great progression that lifts and falls throughout and is another huge anthemic track before we get the title track 'Kiss The Sky', which is a full on rock number from start to finish. More big choruses and a toe tapping beat.

'See You Again' sees the pace slow with a beautiful acoustic start before the dulcet tones of Stevie join in and we are treated to a wonderful ballad about losing someone very close, heartfelt and delivered beautifully, a fitting tribute for sure. A welcome addition to the album that fits perfectly. They should be very proud of this track, it will be a favourite for many who can relate I am sure.


'Before I Die' lifts the pace back up for another strong guitar driven number, before 'Read All About It' hits us with a southern rock style that oozes class and again delivers that huge chorus that will be amazing when eventually we get back out there for live shows. 


'Too Much Of A Good Thing' is another rocker from start to finish, fuel injected adrenaline rush that will penetrate you very soul.


Penultimate track 'Sun And The Moon' has a slower start, yet still builds to a big crescendo in the choruses, then carries that along for the rest of the song. Almost a gospel feel with the backing vocals in the chorus.
Last but not least we are treated to 'Something About A Kiss' which has a western feel with its finger picked start and simple kick drum before Stevie's voice joins in. The whole ambience of the tune stays on track until about midway through when we are treated to a great guitar solo that lifts the whole song to another level again through to the end.

Previous album 'Shake A Leg' was a wonderful release and showed a more mature band both lyrically and musically, this latest release 'Kiss The Sky' raises the bar again.

This really is a most excellent album, and I know it's a bit of a cliche but this really is all killer, no filler. Every track deserves its place on this latest release, and once all together they present us the listener, with a wonderful collection of blood sweat and tears in a musical form from one of the brightest bands around today. I really hope from a personal point of view that this lockdown situation we are all experiencing at the moment, will lift sooner rather than later and allow this fabulous band the stage to bring us these songs live. Although they sound wonderful on this studio release, I believe played live is where they will show their true potential.

Track list:- 1. 'Come A Little Closer' (3:07), 2. 'I Get High' (3:17), 3. 'Let Go' (4:11), 4. 'Strut' (4:03), 5. 'I Got The Music In Me' (3:38), 6. 'Can You Save Me?' (3:35), 7. 'Kiss The Sky' (3:09), 8. 'See You Again' (4:13), 9. 'Before I Die' (2:27), 10. 'Read All About It' (3:33), 11. 'Too Much of a Good Thing' (2:47), 12. 'Sun and the Moon' (4:02), 13. 'Something About Your Kiss' (4:10).

TFM gives 'Kiss The Sky' a fully deserved 5/5, an exceptional album by an exceptional band. Jump on this and go and pre-order now, you can thank me later.

 'Come A Little Closer' is a full throttle start to this new release by the Bad Touch boys with its rockin' bluesy style and great vocals from Stevie. There are some subtle yet very nice backing vocals too. 'I Get High' is just an uplifting track that takes you through that feeling that only being in love can bring you. This also, as all great songs do, has a wonderful sing a long chorus, and is the second single release from the album.
Next up is 'Let Go', which has a southern rock style with wonderful dual guitar work as usual from Seeks and Rob. There is a fabulous underlying keyboard that accompanies this track, allegedly by the great Bob Fridzema. This is a fabulous track with another huge chorus and a definite arena sound. 'Strut' was the first single released from 'Kiss The Sky', and got a great reception. It has a funky beat that leads to a wonderful and uplifting chorus.