Bad Touch

'Shake A Leg' - Album Review

Release date October 5th 2018

There are times in your life as a music lover that a certain album release by a certain band can bring so much excitement and anticipation that it is almost unbearable, well for me in 2018 this is one of those albums.

Ever since I was first aware of Bad Touch, there has always been something about them that leaves an imprint, especially when you see them live. They are five friends from Norfolk who have a real bond and connection that cannot be faked, there is a kinship and an undeniable urge to succeed in the cut throat world of music whilst still being themselves and staying true to their beliefs.

This new album, will in the future, show where Bad Touch went from being a very good band with catchy tunes and a great stage presence, to a band that has the ability and talent to headline arenas, they are that good.

Hopefully after signing a record deal with Marshall Records, the world will now become their oyster and the name Bad Touch will be spread far and wide and they get all the admiration they deserve.

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'Lift Your Head Up' leaves you in no doubt you are in for a helluva ride right from the off with its full on beat and catchy chorus and it doesn't let up one bit. A rip roaring opening which leads into the next track, 'Hammer Falls', which has a controlled structured guitar intro before the band kicks in and we are taken on a glorious journey throughout the track. Again a catchy chorus that gets you hooked.

With 'Too Many Times' there is no slowing down as once again we are rockin' along with a wonderful mix of Stevie's vocals and the fantastic musicianship from the rest of the band.

'Dressed To Kill' is just a fantastic powerhouse of a tune that just keeps going and going with so many subtle musical changes throughout which work fantastic, all backed by a beat that you can't help but tap along with. This is followed by the first single from the album, 'Skyman', a homage to Duane Allman, and is another rocker of a track.


For the first time the pace slows a little for 'I Belong', a wonderful tune all about home, but even this has a wonderful and powerful chorus which just oozes class, and you are left in no doubt that this is turning into a very special album.

'Show What It Means' is another cracker of a rockin' tune with a sing along chorus which you cannot help but join in with. 'Tussle' starts with just the drums before the guitars join in then Stevie's vocals complete the magic formula which is Bad Touch, for another great tune.

'Take Me Away' is another of the new tracks that the band have played live a few times now, and every time it gets a great reception from the audience.


'Believe In Me' drops the pace to a mid tempo ballad which still has pure emotive power right from the off as Stevie has a unique and distinctive voice that keeps you hooked from the first lyric, and with a wonderful guitar solo you are left in no doubt that this is another track where nothing has been left in the dressing room so to speak.


'Movin' On Up' gives us that raw rock n roll feel again as we are shown that classic rock is alive and well in Norfolk.

The penultimate track 'Slow Tempest', starts with just an acoustic guitar and Stevie's vocals which give a beautiful feel to this song. When the harmonies come in it is just magical, and again with some wonderful soloing, make for another great tune.


'Skyman' (Official Video)

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Last but not least we have 'Bury Me (When I'm Gone)', a track that is heartfelt and deep and a very personal way to end this amazing album with just Stevie and acoustic and cajon. 


There is no doubt in my mind that this band have matured in a way that cannot be overlooked and with this album there is not a bad song on it. The quality of musicianship and the lyrical content make this one of the must have albums of 2018 and so far it is right at the top of the list for me. Stevie, Rob, Seeks, Bailey and George, take a bow, this is an album to be proud of.  

TFM gives 'Shake A Leg' 5/5.

Track list:-

1. 'Lift Your Head Up'

2. 'Hammer Falls'

3. 'Too Many Times'

4. 'Dressed To Kill'

5. 'Skyman'

6. 'I Belong'

7. 'Show What It Means'

8. 'Tussle'

9. 'Take Me Away'

10. 'Believe In Me'

11. 'Movin' On Up'

12. 'Slow Tempest'

13. 'Bury Me (When I'm Gone)'