Baleful Creed

Baleful Creed (2013) - Album Review

I don't normally review an album that is now in it's 6th year of release, but I felt it would make sense to review both the 2013 self titled album, and the latest release 'Seismic Shifter'.

We will start with the band themselves. Baleful Creed are a four piece Hard/Heavy/Stoner Rock influenced band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Featuring a dual guitar team that lay down head-nodding chunky riffs that touch on the Stoner Rock sounds of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry topped off with soulful melodic vocals that add in a twist of Alice In Chains and are fuelled by the stomp of a powerful bass and drum rhythm section. 


Midway point and we have 'Misanthrope', another slightly slower tempo track but totally different in arrangement and full of interesting twists and turns musically. Again very strong vocally, almost being held back from fully unloading the wrath of the voice.

Next up is 'Double F.S.' which is just a cool driving tune with an infectious beat. This is followed by 'Hex'  which has another strong instrumental start before vocals kick in and it all flows along nicely and will have you tapping your feet along for sure, especially when the song speeds up halfway through.


'Her Promise' is more of a power ballad sound, but that doesn't make it bad at all, just a bit more of a commercial sound, but still excellent, and then we have the penultimate track 'Thorazine', which feels like a sleeping giant. Lulling you with a slower start before we are hit between the eyes with vocals that will have that hair flying all over the place before it is slowed down with an almost mesmeric middle section before the track takes off again.


Last but by no means least we have 'Suffer In Silence', and this is another that builds from a slower steady start before the beast is released. Great end to a really good album.

This was the band's first release to go to a physical cd copy and is a really good album and holds strong to this day.

TFM gives the self titled album a 4/5, well worth re-visiting.




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Track list:-

1. 'Baleful Creed'

2. 'Autumn Leaves'

3. 'Illuminati'

4. 'Crazy Man'

5. 'Misanthrope'

6. 'Double F.S.'

7. 'Hex'

8. 'Her Promise'

9. 'Thorazine'

10. 'Suffer In Silence'


Title track 'Baleful Creed', gives us a riff driven start joined by a pounding drum back beat with strong vocals that all together create a wonderful and great introduction to the album. This is followed by 'Autumn Leaves' that again is another strong guitar riff driven track along with some great vocals that deliver another very good sound. 'Illuminati' has a real headbanger of a beat that doesn't let up and the drawn out guitar riffs works perfectly.


'Crazy Man' has a different tempo and sound to it. More mid tempo and conditioned but again guitar and drum driven. Definitely more controlled but again vocally strong, which leads to a real stormer of a track.



Baleful Creed - Seismic Shifter - Album

Baleful Creed

Seismic Shifter (2017) - Album Review

Second part of this album review moves us forward to 2017 and their latest release titled 'Seismic Shift'. 

We start with a track called 'Devil's Side' which gives us an interesting start to this latest album which builds nicely. More reminiscent of a harder version of southern rock, like Black Stone Cherry and Guns 'N' Roses have had illegitimate offspring. Up next is 'Memento Mori', another more structured track with an infectious sound that will get that head bobbing. 'Levy' has a great tempo that you cannot fail to move to. Different style, but works really well, great track.

'God's Fear' is a slower but powerful song that again will have that head bobbing and those feet tapping, and this is followed by 'Grind', a rock n roll thunderclap of a tune. Old school sound both musically and vocally.


'Faux Celebrity' is definitely a song that will earn you a speeding ticket if you are listening in your car, be warned. 'Walking Wounded' sees the tempo change to bring this powerful slower track with a guitar intro that sounds very Gary Moore like in style, which definitely is not a bad thing. Loving the power feel from this tune. Next is 'Lose Religion', rock n roll baby.


'Forgiven' is a builder of a track that gathers momentum into a tune with a strong spine, before we end this album with a track called 'The Wolf'. This is just a great slower tune that builds and builds steadily until all hell is let loose towards the back end. Great track to end with.

Another very good album for those that like the heavier side of rock. TFM gives 'Seismic Shifter' 4/5, go check these guys out.



Track list:- 1. 'Devil's Side' 2. 'Memento Mori' 3. 'Levy'

4. 'God's Fear' 5. 'Grind' 6. 'Faux Celebrity' 7. 'Walking Wounded' 8. 'Lose Religion' 9. 'Forgiven' 10. 'The Wolf'