Baleful Creed

'The Lowdown' Album Review

Baleful Creed are a four piece Heavy Rock influenced band from Belfast, featuring a dual guitar team that lay down head-nodding chunky riffs that touch on the Stoner Rock sounds of Black Sabbath, Danzig and Fireball Ministry topped off with soulful melodic vocals that are fuelled by the stomp of a powerful bass and drum rhythm section.


This is the first release for three years since 'Seismic Shifter' hit our airwaves. This latest release from these Belfast boys is without doubt the heaviest yet with some powerful guitar driven tracks backed up by strong vocals. This is a real rocker mixed with grunge and blues to create this excellent album 'The Lowdown'. 


We will hopefully see this released in the next few months obviously dependent on the current situation we are all facing right now.

The Lowdown - Cover Artwork.jpg

Track list:-

1. 'Mr Grim'

2. 'The Phoenix'

3. 'Pilot My Head'

4. 'Riled Up'

5. 'Tramalamapam'

6. 'Confused'

7. 'One Shot'

8. 'End Game'

9. 'Line Of Trouble'

10. 'Southgate Of Heaven'

TFM gives 'The Lowdown' a big fat 4.5/5, a heavy, gritty, ballsy showcase for these guys and they do it very well. An excellent album especially if you like your rock with a harder edge.


We kick off this latest album with a track called 'Mr Grim'. This has a full on heavy riff laden opening with vocals to match, supported by a chorus that will have you joining in in no time, and a mandatory guitar solo that all together fills track one. Next up is 'The Phoenix', again this has a heavy guitar driven start before vocally we are treated to an aggressive yet controlled performance throughout.

'Pilot My Head' has a slightly slower tempo to the first two with a steady rhythm that continues all through, before 'Riled Up' raises the tempo again with this full on power track that will rock your very soul.

'Tramalamapam' brings us a more grunge driven track, much slower and intense, before we are treated to 
'Confused' which has a definite Thin Lizzy feel musically, along with a great vocal display. This is an old school cool sounding number.


'One Shot' is another intense and grunge laden song with a poignant point to make, whereas 'End Game' is just a straight on rock track with an addictive chorus.

'Line Of Trouble' is the only ballad on the album and has a haunting and almost therapeutic vibe, before we end with
'Southgate Of Heaven', which is a full on track that builds and builds with almost a Cult like vibe.


This is definitely a heavy rock album, but retains its appeal to all genres covered. It is a very well put together album that has a nice flow throughout, and Baleful Creed fans will not be disappointed when this little beauty is released.