Beth Hart - 'War In My Mind'

Album Review 

Release date September 27th 2019

Beth Hart needs no introduction to most of you. The LA based singer songwriter has a wealth of music and Grammy nominations under her belt, but this latest offering, 'War In My Mind' is the most open and raw album that she has ever done. 


Beth herself says "I’ve come a long way with healing, and I’m comfortable with my darknesses, weirdnesses and things that I’m ashamed of, as well as all the things that make me feel good".


We start with 'Bad Woman Blues', which is a wonderful high tempo and funky start to this latest album and displays Beth's vocals beautifully. This is followed by the title track 'War In My Mind'. This is a wonderfully acted ballad with Beth and piano, which starts off nice and controlled with a nice uplift through the middle of the song.

'Without Words In The Way' is another ballad with a wonderful sound, followed by 'Let It Grow' which is another piano based tune which builds with a wonderfully powerful vocal performance.



'Try A Little Harder' is a more up tempo number with an infectious beat that will have you moving, followed by 'Sister Dear' which gives us another ballad.

'Spanish Lullabies' has that Latino feel as you might expect from the title, and moves along nicely as a song, before 'Rub Me For Luck' which is another piano driven song, rises into a powerful track, reminiscent of a James Bond theme.


'Sugar Shack' is the most up tempo track with a great beat and feel, and this is followed by 'Woman Down' which has a sultry and dark feeling both vocally and musically.


Penultimate track is called 'Thankful' and is just a beautiful song, almost Gospel or Spiritual in feel, before the last track 'I Need A Hero' sees a raw and intimate piano track, full of heart and soul and a wonderful end to this album.

This is in no way a full on rocker of an album, but instead a stripped back raw and honest album with Beth sat at the piano as the underlying theme with a few faster tracks entwined. If you love Beth's voice and the raw undoubted talent that this woman exudes, then you will love this new album.
This is an up close and personal album that I'm sure has so much personal meaning that the emotion flows throughout and you cannot help but be impressed.


TFM gives 'War In My Mind' 4/5, this is as real and true as it gets, and a personal work of art built on emotion.


Track list:- 1. 'Bad Woman Blues', 2. 'War In My Mind', 3. 'Without Words In The Way', 4. 'Let It Grow', 5. 'Try A Little Harder', 6. 'Sister Dear', 7. 'Spanish Lullabies', 8. 'Rub Me For Luck', 9. 'Sugar Shack', 10. 'Woman Down', 11. 'Thankful', 12. 'I Need A Hero'.