Blackwater Conspiracy

'Two Tails & The Dirty Truth

Of Love & Revolution'

It's been a few years now since Blackwater Conspiracy burst onto the scene after a mid gig transformation and released their debut album 'Shootin' The Breeze'.

This was and still is a fantastic album and was my TFM number one album of 2017.


I remember speaking with Phil about the new album and the fact that it would have to be something special to better the first one, and I can hear him telling me now that it will be better. I couldn't believe that so now that I have been fortunate enough to listen to the new release, what do I think now? Well read on and find out... 



'Goodbye To Yesterday' is a wonderful and lively start to this brand new release. It is a track that has been played live over the past twelve months or so and always gets a great reaction live. This studio version is just as good. Track two 'All Wired Wrong', is another track that crept its way into the odd set or two towards the end of last year, and again is just a great upbeat track, and shows Phil's vocals off perfectly.


'Soul Revolutionaries' keeps that high intensity going with a very strong and wonderfully constructed track. This deserves to be played in the biggest and best arenas, it has that anthemic feel.


'Tattooed & Blonde' is a new track for me, and I would class it more as a power ballad with its slower pace but still maintaining that powerful feel both musically and vocally.

'In Another Lifetime' has also been played at various shows throughout last year, and is definitely a ballad, but has a very powerful and strong sound. Certainly not a boring love song.

'Take It On The Chin' has a great southern feel and vibe as once again you are taken on a musical journey that just lifts you higher and higher as a certain Mr Jackie Wilson once said. This is a killer track.


'The Healing (You & I)' is another of the songs that I have heard live once before I think? This is a slower track but is a story tellers dream. You just have to kick back and just listen to the lyrics and enjoy. 'Bird In A Coalmine' with its Irish flute/whistle intro, leads us into this beautiful sounding and flowing tune with a background of traditional sounding instruments. 'Just Like A Silhouette' brings the pace back up with some great keyboard work before Phil's unique vocals take control and the whole tune has a 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting' vibe.



Well going back to the question of whether this second album is better than the first, well I have to admit that Phil was right, this is better. I will always love 'Shootin' The Breeze', and it is still amazing, but 'Two Tails & The Dirty Truth Of Love & Revolution' is up another level again.

This album is very well produced and recorded and sounds fantastic, and TFM gives 'Two Tails & The Dirty Truth Of Love & Revolution' a high 5/5. If I could I would have given this a 6, it is that good.


Track List:-

1. 'Goodbye To Yesterday'

2. 'All Wired Wrong'

3. 'Soul Revolutionaries'

4. 'Tattooed & Blonde'

5. 'In Another Lifetime'

6. 'Take It On The Chin'

7. 'The Healing (You & I)'

8. 'Bird In A Coalmine'

9. 'Just Like A Silhouette'

10. 'She Gets Me High'

11. 'Atlanta Smile'




'She Gets Me High' Is another beautiful ballad with a wonderful feel, again with some traditional Irish instruments complementing throughout, well that's what it sounds like to me anyway, this is another great track, before 'Atlanta Smile' brings a close to this sophomore album by our boys from Northern Ireland.

This is a full on track that will leave you in no doubt that Blackwater Conspiracy are the real deal and hopefully with this second studio release, they will now have the platform to lift them to the next level and get the recognition they deserve. This is a band of accomplished musicians that really are ready for this, and their music deserves to be heard by the many.