Aaron Garner

Nottingham based rock band BlitZ are set to release a live album on 17th September 2021 via KSM Records and Entertainment.

The album was recorded between 2019 to 2021, and
recorded by Pin Up Media mobile recording.

The songs selected are from the first two studio albums, 'Welcome To The Rock Show' and 'Fight To Survive' and showcase the band's full on live shows very well indeed.

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Well, what can I say about this album apart from WOW!! It’s almost like someone has put Bruce Dickinson, Metallica, AC/DC, Kiss, Bon Jovi and Guns N' Roses in a blender, and Blitz have poured out of the machine and exploded!

This live album has everything you need or could want from a classic rock album, but one that has been brought up to modern standards that we all love!

This Nottingham based threesome called BlitZ consist of Stu Corden, Mat Davis and Kev Simpson.

Their album 'TAKE NO PRISONERS' LIVE, is a full on high octane, facemelting, 11 live tracks that will tease your ears into wanting more. It’s the type of album you need to play loud and proud featuring some heavy classic rock ballad type tracks, with some amazing bass lines, awesome guitar riffs and solos, not forgetting of course the amazing vocals of Stu Corden. I particularly love this album, as with all the crowd participation, it felt as if I was physically there, making it one of the best live albums I’ve had the privilege of listening to.

From the start to the finish this live album is full on adrenaline filled rollercoaster. These guys have shown a powerful flair for melodic powerful riff fueled anthems. You can not only hear the showmanship in this action packed album, you can also feel every passionate beat, riff and hear every single lyric.

Track 1, 'Damage Is Done', is full of absolute scorching riffs and the vocals in this track are off the chart screaming "let’s get this live shit under way" with a belter of an opening track!! It kind of reminds me of a Maiden kind of vibe and the same goes for Track 2, 'Dont Look Back'.

In Track 3, 'One in a Million', the bass lines are totally awesome, you definitely need to play this one as loudly as possible! As for Tracks 4 and 5 these will definitely not disappoint either!

'99 Ways', is my absolute favourite track on the album, with introductions to the band and also some crazy awesome guitar solos,  thumping bass and some totally sick riffs and melodies.

The rest of this album I will leave for you to decide what you think, but if you get past Track 1 and haven’t thought to yourself that this album is going to be a belter, then carry on all the way through and it will melt your mind.

Aaron gives 'TAKE NO PRISONERS' LIVE a juicy 9 out of 10 score for TFM. Treat yourself to some good old live rock n roll when released on September 17th.