Buffalo Summer

'Desolation Blue' Album Review

Sounding like you hope and dream, South Welsh rockers Buffalo Summer will be releasing their third-and-monumental-album Desolation Blue on March 27th 2020 through Silver Lining Music. With their unique air of mystery and magic enveloped by some of the warmest and most addictive rolling riffs this side of the planet, Desolation Blue was recorded capturing the band’s energy at its very best, live off the floor at Rockfield Studios and Monnow Valley Studio in Wales. Produced by Barrett Martin (The Screaming Trees) once more, and predominantly engineered by Tom Manning, the sessions took just 5 days, giving Desolation Blue an electric, spontaneous edge. 

Andrew Hunt (vocals), Jonny Williams (guitar), Darren King (bass) and Gareth Hunt (drums) are joined on the album by Peter Buck (REM) with a 12 string guitar on “The Bitter End" plus mandolin on “Last To Know", Kelby Ray Caldwell (The Cadillac Three) with lap steel on “Hit The Ground Running", Emma Bryden with cello on “Last To Know” and “Pilot Light" plus Barrett Martin stepping out of the production chair to play some percussion, vibraphone and Fender Rhodes & Hammond organ across the board.


'Last To Know' is a bitter sweet tale with an addictive beat, before we are treated to 'Dark Valentine', that has a start reminiscent of a Gary Moore track. It has that dirty bluesy sound and feel, before erupting like a volcano just over half way through with a guitar solo that again reminds me of a Gary Moore solo.

'Deep Water' has a staggered and pulsing start that continues throughout laying the foundation for the track. This is followed by 'Everbody's Out For Number 1', which has the Buffalo Summer stamp right through it.

'Untouchable' is another of the new songs that I heard three years ago live, and it is still just as good with another fantastic vocal performance from Andrew.

'The Bitter End' has a wonderful southern feel with warm and vibrant lyrics and a tempo that pulls you in and takes you along for the ride.

'Pilot Light' ends this third studio album with a thoughtful and haunting number that will leave you feeling chilled and reflective and caps off a fine array of tunes on this latest release 'Desolation Blue'.


'The Power & The Greed' could be a James Bond theme song from the start, but as the song moves on it is a quality musical work of art over many levels.
'Hit The Ground Running' up next featuring Kelby Ray Caldwell from The Cadillac Three is a wonderful flowing track where the lap steel is given plenty of room to work perfectly with the rest of the tune.

'If Walls Could Speak' is a belter of a track that I first heard live nearly three years ago now, and it blew me away that day. The range in Andrew's voice is amazing and this track just displays the talent that this man has vocally.

'The Mirror' is a classic rock track that bridges decades, and has a bit of everything that is good about classic rock songs. Next up is 'When You Walk Away', which is a burner of a track that takes you on a journey then explodes into the chorus before continuing along.


It has been nearly four years since the release of 'Second Sun' and that has been a long four years to wait for new music from one of Wale's finest bands, Buffalo Summer. These guys always put on a great show, and in lead singer Andrew, they have one of the finest voices in music today. They really have put their heart and soul into this latest release 'Desolation Blue', and it shows with a wonderful collection of tracks that will have you rockin' in no time. 

TFM gives 'Desolation Blue' 4.75/5, a magnificent release by a wonderful band. Do yourself a favour and buy this when released on March 27th, you will love it...