'Exile' - Live In Lockdown

Like the whole of the world's population, lockdown has been a real test on people everywhere. You have a choice as to whether you just curl up and feel sorry for yourself, or you make the most of the time whilst remaining safe, and creating a wonderful live album using the immense talent available to you.

Thankfully Catfish did the latter, and this brand new release out December 1st, is just a wonderful and masterful collection of songs captured with the live spirit that is so often impossible to recreate on a recording. "A true lockdown masterpiece, full of anger, frustration, defiance and hope".


'Broken Man' kicks off this lockdown live masterpiece with an intensive and full on performance sounding fantastic. It builds with heavy riffs, heavy vocals and explosive choruses, but also with the serene solo moments that keep you on the edge of your seat. This is an 11 minute plus rock opera to open with, and shows the full range of Matt's abilities in one track.

'Break Me Down' is just a full on joyride of emotions and is a song that is impossible to sit still for. From start to finish this is a buzz.


'Ghosts' brings the pace down with Paul taking over the duty of lead vocals on this haunting and hypnotic number. It's not all slower and tranquil as Matt erupts into an immense solo mid way through.

'Soulbreaker' is a track that builds from a fabulous hypnotic beat both musically and with the vocals. This will have that head bobbing and those feet tapping, before 'The Root Of All Evil', which delivers us a dirty and grungy opening beat that stays throughout soon joined by a beast of a vocal performance from both Matt and Paul.

'The Big Picture' again has a great dirty bluesy riff laden start that sets the scene for another powerful and heavy performance, this time with Paul back on lead vocal duties.

'Better Days' is just an uplifting blues number that will put a smile on your face especially with the soulful performance of Matt vocally. 

'Archangel' is just a wonderful and emotive ballad. A truly wonderful performance, followed by 'Too Far To Fall', which lifts the pace back up with this off beat bluesy and funky track and another with Paul on lead vocals.

'Exile' is the final track on this lockdown release, and is another long track. This time 10 minutes plus, but from the start you are taken on a journey. Starting slow and deliberate before we feel the intensity build taking you towards a full on volcanic eruption and an upgrade in tempo. This is another wonderful example of how songs should be constructed and proves that even if the song is long, you can keep it interesting and the listener captivated for the duration. A fabulous finale.


This really is an exceptional album. You can feel the frustration from the situation we all find ourselves in this year, exploding throughout these wonderfully evocative tracks, with each one taking us the listener on this journey with the band.

TFM gives 'Exile' - Live In Lockdown a big fat and fully deserved 5/5, a definite addition to any record collection.

Track list:- 1. 'Broken Man', 2. 'Break Me Down', 3. 'Ghosts', 4. 'Soulbreaker', 5. 'The Root Of All Evil', 6. 'The Big Picture', 7. 'Better Days', 8. 'Archangel', 9. 'Too Far To Fall', 10. 'Exile'.