Christopher Shayne

'Ten High'

Blood, sweat, and guts. These are three of the core elements required of artists who set out to make music that's steadfast, honest, and true. Christopher Shayne encompasses all the timeless elements of a southern rocker, with his engaging blend of classic southern and blues influenced rock, complete with modern tones and contemporary twists. Christopher Shayne's upcoming EP release, 'Ten High', reinforces the raw songwriting talent of the golden-throated young vocalist. On the 7-track EP, Shayne mixes his hard-charging self-aware intent with goodtime guitar riffing and fist-pumping, with instant singalong choruses. Influenced by blues artist R.L. Burnside, the Black Crowes, Blackberry Smoke, and the ultimate in southern rock, ZZ Top, Shayne brings an authenticity to his songwriting, blending his own life into relatable lyrics with a genuine nature truly appreciated by his fans.

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'Pour The Bottle' is just a wonderful rockin' start with great slide work and fantastic vocals. A helluva opener. This is closely followed by the title track 'Ten High', which is a free flowing southern rock beauty that pretty much has everything, great guitar work, great vocals and a kick ass beat.

'Getaway Baby' has a definite country edge, crystal clear lyrics mixed with a wonderful soundtrack. You are literally lifted into a huge chorus that you will be tapping those boots to, before 'Any Given Sunday' gives us a funky riff start that leads into another fabulous free flowing number again with a big chorus mixed with some real sultry funky verses, and even a confessional thrown in.

'Burn Me Down' has a slower more controlled start before massive vocals kick in and the beat rises. An uplifting vocal performance throughout the chorus, almost spiritual in nature. Next up is the penultimate track 'Give A Damn', which continues in the heavier southern rock style, and is a full on rocker that just carries you along on the addictive and anthemic beat. Again lots of slide. This song was originally on the 2016 release 'Turning Stones'.

Last but by no means least, we have 'Just Get Drunk', which ends this EP in the same southern style found throughout, but this is monster track that builds and builds with some wonderful vocals alongside fabulous guitar that just works perfectly. Not a heavy riff laden beast, just a perfect end to a pretty near perfect EP for my ears anyway. Wonderful.


Although this has been out for a month now, released January 22nd, 'Ten High' is far too good not to review, and therefore too good not to shout about it also. If you like southern rock, country rock, and everything in between then you will love this. 

Shayne's voice at times reminds me of another fabulous vocalist Myles Kennedy, and wrap all that up with some exquisite guitar playing then you have yourself a very potent combination.

TFM gives 'Ten High' a perfect 10/10, I absolutely love it. It's definitely my kind of shit, and I implore you to go and check it out now.

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