Circus 66

'Follow The Black Crow'

Where can freedom be found? It isn’t the destination that determines our successes, our achievements, and ultimately finding our love for living. It is the journey that forms that path and how you choose and make your own choice and follow the black crow. This is the animal within, the single minded, dogged, and determined defiance to only follow your path and choose your way. We cannot repeat the same mistakes but learn from those before us, resonate with those stories and lessons and then carve our destiny.


'Follow The Black Crow' is the debut album by CIRCUS 66 and a call for personal freedom. Liberating yourself from conventional thinking and following your path. Just be whatever you want to be.


'Monster' is a mighty track with Annabelle growling the lyrics at you before chewing you up and spitting you out throughout the chorus. 

'Secret Medicine' has a funky opening before we are treated to a heavy and full on rocker. Matt's guitar gets a good workout throughout this number for sure. There is a super cool drop of pace before the explosive finale. 'Light The Fuse', as the title suggests, is a burner that starts with a strong and aggressive feel made huge throughout when the rest of the band join in on vocal duties. Again a funky and addictive beat.


'Take A Shot' kicks off this debut album with a full on ballbreaker of a track. A high intensity fast paced number both musically and vocally.

This is followed by 'Jekyll Or Hyde', which continues the high velocity approach with another fast paced and heavy track. It has an intense chorus before the pace is unleashed again.

'A Thousand Miles From Home' is more of a heavy bluesy number with a groove driven beat before we slow the pace for 'Prince Of California', which has a delicious slide intro before Annabelle's vocals take us along with an addictive beat.

'Racing The Reaper' has a real Siouxsie Sioux vibe and bounds along at pace, again leaving you breathless from the relentless onslaught.

'Where I Belong' is a fabulous stripped back and raw track that shows just how good Annabelle's voice is, powerful and controlled giving us a beautiful and emotive penultimate track on this debut album, almost a sea shanty vibe, before we finish with a huge track called 'When The Black Crow Flies'. We are treated to over 9 minutes of a really wonderful closing number. Again a very strong and controlled vocal performance with excellent musicality which all complement each other. This is a bit like a Tarantino movie, as it is a song of two halves. A wonderfully controlled first half before a fabulous guitar solo takes us into an explosive second half. Teriffic end to an impressive debut release.

A lot of blood sweat and tears have gone into the making of this record, and the effort has paid of with this volatile, explosive, headbanger of an album. An album where each band member have left their mark and one they should be proud of. TFM gives 'Follow The Black Crow' a solid 9/10. A full of energy face melting album that pulls no punches.