Collateral - Album Review

Quote from Angelo Tristan - "We wanted to stay away from the normal rules that apply to what you can and cannot put on an album," says front man Angelo Tristan. "The album contains all of our inspirations, and nothing’s has been diluted. I’m very influenced by country music which is evident in the song 'About This Boy'. Jack is heavily influenced by 80’s rock on tracks like 'Mr. Big Shot' and 'Promiseland'.
“One of the more Southern style tracks on the album is 'Merry-Go-Round'. It’s a reflection of Todd’s inspiration from bands that include Black Stone Cherry and The Cadillac Three. Our drummer Ben, comes from a far heavier metal background which really gives the songs their powerful edge. 
"The album is comprised of nine songs - all killer and no filler. The recording of this album was an amazing experience from the get-go. To finally see this record come to life was remarkable. I hope the fans will share the same excitement we had when we made the album. Buckle up, we’re in for one helluva ride!"

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'Midnight Queen' was the first single to be released and is what can only be described as a teeny boppers delight with its kitsch lyrics and pop sound. Live this is actually a lot more appealing for me, as it rocks live.

'Get Back To You' brings us a power ballad which works really well and has a wonderful progression from verse to chorus before the penultimate track, 'Won't Stop Me Dreaming' which is a full on rocker that could have been used on any 80's soundtrack. 

Last track on this debut album gives us 'About This Boy',  which definitely has a modern day country feel both musically and lyrically. A nice end to a good debut release that I am sure will win many new fans once released.

Track list:-

1. 'Mr Big Shot' 

2. 'Promiseland' 

3. 'Merry Go Round' 

4. 'In It For Love' 

5. 'Lullaby'

6. 'Midnight Queen'

7. 'Get Back To You' 

8. 'Won't Stop Me Dreaming'

9. 'About This Boy' 



This self titled debut album is a well put together album that incorporates several different influences with one underlying one which is definitely the 80's.

Collateral live put on a fantastic show and the audience gets treated to a proper rock n roll show. The recording lacks a little of the on stage energy that this band fills the room with when they plug in live.


The album is due for release on February 21st 2020 and TFM gives 'Collateral' a very reputable 4/5, definitely worth investigating further, but a band that you must catch live to experience the full Collateral damage.

Collateral are Angelo Tristan (vocals/guitar), Todd Winger (guitar), Jack Bentley Smith (bass) & Ben Atkinson (drums).



'Mr Big Shot' is the latest single to be released from this debut album and gives us a real 80's feel to kick off the album before 'Promiseland' has a heavier underlying beat and a great opportunity for a guitar solo or two from Todd.


'Merry Go Round' has a cool southern vibe and an addictive sing a long chorus while 'In It For Love' is another throwback to an 80's rock sound, but done very well and brought up to date into 2020.

'Lullaby' was the first 'new song' to be released from the highly anticipated upcoming debut album and is a rocker in the true sense of an 80's hair band. I don't mean that in a bad way, just that this is how listening to it makes me feel. I like 80's music so I am good with this for sure.