The Lonely Road Of Faith

Release date:- November 1st 2019

The Lonely Road Of Faith is a call to arms of all things positive and celebrates a beautiful blend of hard rock and melodies.


From the fist pumping, sing along Bon Jovi-esque 'Better Days' to the country inspired masterclass of lead single 'The Lonely Road Of Faith', Curran are hoping to bring back a much needed excitement to music.


Mark Curran states, 'Sometimes you have to risk it all, for a dream only you can see'!

The Lonely Road Of Faith is a journey every body who’s ever had a dream can relate to. It's a tough journey, that can make, or break a person.


Although this ep was released on November 1st last year, this has been my first chance to review it.


I've seen Mark do his solo show and he is great live, as Curran with Jam Moncur, they are a powerhouse, and this latest ep has tracks that will definitely be amazing live.

'Better Days' is a lively and uplifting start to this latest release with its melodic verses and chorus and you cannot help but be taken along on the wave of nostalgia that this track makes you feel.

'Don't Give Up On Me' has more of a modern day country ballad feel and is very radio friendly.

'Gods Angels' has a slower intro then a very melodic period before we are hit with a southern rock vibe that just lifts this track to new heights. Wonderful and anthemic, and worthy of being played in the best venues or festivals to the largest crowds possible. Great track.

'The Lonely Road Of Faith' is the title track and definitely has that country vibe both musically and lyrically, before the last track 'No Looking Back' is more of an 80's classic rock track with its style and big choruses.

This is definitely what I would call a feel good ep, full of good vibes and upbeat tunes with 'Gods Angels' being my stand out track. TFM gives 'The Lonely Road Of Faith' 4/5. Definitely check this out if you like melodic rock tinged with country that has a modern day twist.