Earache Presents

The New Wave Of Rock N Roll

Release date March 13th 2020

Once you dip your toe into the new wave of rock n roll there’s no turning back. With every step you take, you’ll uncover another gem. There are hundreds of young British rock bands out there writing great original music and keeping grassroots venues alive. These are today’s real rock heroes and we hope you enjoy this Earache album and, from it, decide to start a journey and discover the hundreds of rock bands that live beyond this album.


It’s time for the new, modern era of British rock. Make 2020 the year when you help put British rock n roll back where it deserves to be – front and centre, and right back at the heart of the music mainstream. Music is still one of this country’s greatest exports to the world, and its future will depend on us valuing the art of song-writing and investing in the bands that will play tomorrow’s arenas.

Enjoy this album and be part of the change for 2020!

NWORNR Cover Art.jpeg

Hanna Wicklund & The Stepping Stones opener 'Bomb Through The Breeze', gives us a taste of this US band that graced our shores last year, no more so than on the Planet Rock Roadstars tour alongside two more bands on this compilation, Piston and Gorilla Riot. A full throttle start to this #NWORNR release.
Tomorrow Is Lost are a band that I don't know too much about except from what I hear here, and that is a strong and powerful female fronted rocker called 'We are The Lost'.
Loz Campbell, is another of the wonderful female fronted rock bands doing the circuit at the moment, and she is doing it very well and this is a great track to showcase her talents. Enjoy 'Back Biting The Bullet'.
The female invasion to start this compilation doesn't let up with the next artist who is a wonderful performer whether it be intimate acoustic or full on band. She brings americana/country and blues for your listening pleasure and she graced the stage at Ramblin' Man Fair last year and went down a storm. Enjoy 'Medicine Man' by the awesome Elles Bailey.
Although I know the name of Verity White, I am ashamed to say I am yet to check her out, but listening to this track 'Inside Your Love', I need to rectify that sooner rather than later for sure. Another strong performance.


Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts are the first male fronted band to grace our ears so far and they do a stellar job with a wonderful and groovy track called 'Black Diamonds' which builds to a powerful and rockin' chorus.
Jack J Hutchinson is no stranger to me and I already love his music and his new album 'Who Feed's The Wolf?' is just teriffic. 'Justified' was the first track released from the album and is just a great tune with a wonderful musical structure.
The Dust Coda are another band that seem to have been around forever, but they are one of the constants in this whole #NWORNR scene as are many of the bands featured on this record. Their track 'Rock N Roll' is a great introduction to these guys.

Piston are another band that have actually been around a while, but last year saw them start to get the recognition they deserve, and they have been on a steady rise since. 'One More Day' is taken from their self titled album released late last year.

Dead Man's Whiskey are a band that has built up a real cult following called Whiskey Chasers with their brand of rock n roll and with their enigmatic frontman Nico Rogers. Another great showcase tune for this band.


Revival Black were born from the remnants of a previous incarnation called Black Cat Bones, but with their new front man Dan Byrne and full on style of rock n roll, they released one of the best albums of 2019 in my opinion, it really is that good, and 'Wide Awake' is taken from that very album, 'Step In Line'.
Gorilla Riot have recently released their debut album 'Peach', which is a plugged in full on stoner rock n roll ride but this release shows not only are they great fully electric, but also semi acoustic as this track 'Bad Son' shows from their ep 'American Honey Vol 1'. Great track.
Samarkind bring their energetic and exciting brand of rock n roll to the masses. I have been lucky enough to see these guys live and lead singer David Paul Byrne is a great frontman backed by a classy band.
Leicester boys SKAM already have a healthy and loyal fanbase, and no wonder as they put on one hell of a show whenever they play and leave nothing in the dressing room. Great live band and 'Take It Or Leave It' is such a good track to showcase these guys.

We end this compilation with another band that I am not familiar with, Maker. Upon listening to 'Dead Ends & Avenues', I will be changing that fact imminently. Great end to one of the best compilation albums I have ever heard. Modern, fresh and a wonderful mix of modern artists tearing up today's real and accessible live music scene.

There is an album release party planned for March 10th at the O2 Academy Islington featuring four of the bands on this compilation, Tomorrow Is Lost, Jack J Hutchinson, The Dust Coda and Loz Campbell, and should be a great evening of live music.

I have seen or heard most of these bands live, and I have to say that a big congratulations should go to Earache Records for putting together a fantastic collection of the modern day music scene of rock n roll in all its guises. This is without doubt the best compilation album I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, and TFM has to give this a massive 5/5, a real must have album if you are into the modern day live music scene in any way. 


Track list:- 

1. 'Bomb Through the Breeze' - Hanna Wicklund

2. 'We Are The Lost' - Tomorrow Is Lost

3. 'Back Biting The Bullet' - Loz Campbell

4. 'Medicine Man' - Elles Bailey

5. 'Inside Your Love' - Verity White

6. 'Black Diamonds' - Matt Mitchell & The Coldhearts

7. 'Justified' - Jack J Hutchinson

8. 'Rock N Roll' - The Dust Coda

9. 'One More Day' - Piston

10. 'Last Train' - Dead Man's Whiskey

11. 'Wide Awake' - Revival Black

12. 'Bad Son' - Gorilla Riot

13. 'Black Rain' - Samarkind

14. 'Take It Or Leave It' - SKAM

15. 'Dead Ends & Avenues' - Maker