Electric Mary

'Mother' - Album Review

The five-piece have become globally renowned for their explosive brain-bending live performances and at home in Australia are regarded as one of, if not the best live bands in the country. At home in Melbourne, the band has held their own while sharing the world’s stages with some of the most revered names in hard rock. Whitesnake took them on the road, Judas Priest asked them to support, Deep Purple had them in stadiums. Kiss, Alice Cooper, Motorhead, Def Leppard all followed and even after 10 years on the road Electric Mary continue to impress rock music fans and media across the planet.


The new album follows the previous milestone album ‘III’, released in 2011, and deemed as “mandatory for every Classic Rock reader to own” by Classic Rock Magazine. Rocktopia concluded that “'III' keeps up Electric Mary's high standards and is an album that deserves to see them make the next step into the big boys' playground.”


'Sorry Baby' is one of my favourite tracks on this album, and although it is a ballad, it is not a soppy, low tempo number, but more of a killer song with a great feel and intense moments that explode and encapsulate you with this amazing sound. Rusty changes up lyrically with the rest of the band to a create a crescendo of musical mastery, before bringing us back down to continue onwards and upwards again. It's just a great track...

Next we have 'The Way You Make Me Feel' which has a great lead guitar and drum exchange, before we hit 100mph again and are just taken along for the ride. 'It's Alright' continues with a great rifftastic start before the pace slows slightly to allow a more controlled almost talking lyrical run before the chorus kicks in and we are treated to an anthemic sound that needs to be turned up to 11. 


TFM gives Electric Mary with 'Mother', a big fat 5/5.

If you like rock music then this is a must own album when released on February 15th 2019.




'Gimme Love' sets the tone beautifully for this new album by Australian rockers Electric Mary. Rusty's vocals just punch right through you, and along with the driving beat and guitar soloing, you are left in no doubt that this is gonna be one hell of a ride.... Next up is 'Hold On To What You Got', and is another no holds barred full on in your face rocker of a tune, that will have you singing along with the chorus in no time.


'How Do You Do It' gives us a different tempo with a funky beat before again Rusty's vocals take you on a journey throughout this awesome track. The song builds and builds and you are there waiting in anticipation for the next move, when you are treated to a solo before we are back with Rusty.


Electric Mary - 'Mother'

'Long Long Day' is the penultimate track and is another that builds from a steady start and is just another wonderful track.

Last but not least is 'Woman', and finishes the album perfectly. Although there are only 8 tracks, you are left in no doubt, that the 8 tracks are pure rock and roll class and worthy of any collection. We have raspy vocals and wailing guitar, and driving beats, what's not to like here.... 

Track list:- 

1. 'Gimme Love'

2. 'Hold On To What You Got'

3. 'How Do You Do It'

4. 'Sorry Baby'

5. 'The Way You Make Me Feel'

6. 'It's Alright'

7. 'Long Long Day'

8. 'Woman'

Electric Mary are Rusty Brown (lead vocals), Pete Robinson (guitar,vocals), Alex Raunjak (bass), Brett Wood (guitar,vocals) & Spyder (drums).