Erja Lyytinen

Another World Album Review

Extract from Bio:- Since first entering a recording studio some 15 years ago, singer/guitarist Erja Lyytinen has become a bona fide star in her homeland and a fixture on the international music scene. In that time, "the Finnish slide goddess" (The Blues Magazine) has recorded in places as diverse as Helsinki, London and Memphis, earning numerous accolades along the way. Rooted in both traditional and modern blues, she successfully blends styles like jazz, pop, soul and rock into a sound all her own.


We start this latest album with a track called 'Snake In the Grass' (feat Jennifer Batten), and it leaves us in no doubt that this is going to be a wonderful and rifftastic display of axemanship by the Finnish slide Queen mixed with bluesy/jazzy vocals and a funky beat. 


'Cherry Overdrive' starts with a keys and drum intro before sultry sounding vocals mixed with an addictive beat carry you along throughout, this is followed by the title track, 'Another World'. This has that anthemic sound that you can imagine would fit any arena in the world where a big sounding tune is sought after.


'Hard As Stone' has a different and erratic feel before mellowing into the chorus which has a wonderful uplifting feel before you are treated to 'Wedding Day' (feat Sonny Landreth) which is a full on rock and roll ballbuster of a track that from start to finish will have your foot tapping and head bobbing. 

We finish with a trio of more mellow and ballad style tunes starting with 'Miracle', which is a slower ballad. This is followed by 'Torn' which has a Celtic feel with Scandinavian twists.

Last but not least we have 'Break My Heart Gently' (feat Sonny Landreth) which is a mellow and haunting end to this latest album. 

The album as a whole is a showcase for the wonderful talent that is Erja Lyytinen and after listening to it in its entirety, you will see that she comes with some pedigree indeed.


another world-4_med.jpg

Track List:-

1. 'Snake In The Grass' (feat Jennifer Batten)

2. 'Cherry Overdrive'

3. 'Another World'

4. 'Hard As Stone'

5. 'Wedding Day' (feat Sonny Landreth)

6. 'Miracle'

7. 'Torn'

8. 'Break My Heart Gently' (feat Sonny Landreth)


If you like your music with a bluesy edge and a Scandinavian twist, then this album is for you. It is full of wonderful solos and great musicianship throughout by an obviously talented bunch of musicians. Check it out when it is released on April 26th 2019 everywhere.

Two Finger Media gives 'Another World' 4/5