Everyday Heroes

'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' - Album Review

Release date - 5th June 2020

Everyday Heroes are already a household name on the South Wales rock circuit, having spent 2016 & 2017 plying their trade across the bustling scene's plethora of venues.

Off the back of their critically acclaimed EP 'The Other Side of Nowhere', 2018 saw the band breaking new ground by venturing into England and Scotland and growing their fan base across the UK.
With a stunning win at Stormbreakers in Bathgate earning them a slot at a sold out Winter Storm festival, a standout performance at Hard Rock Hell XII, and a wealth of supporting slots to bands such as Florence Black, Mason Hill, Wolfjaw and Henry’s Funeral Shoe, the boys have all the experience to stand shoulder to shoulder with the best the UK has to offer.


Everyday Heroes Album Art.png

'Victorious' (Take My Chains) has another more southern rock sounding start which carries on throughout with a real addictive riff and another big chorus, before 'All Outta Faith', which is just a great mix with a wonderful and uplifting vocal performance in the chorus matched with some real gritty guitar work that go perfectly together hand in hand.

'The Crow' has an acoustic start before vocally we are treated to a power ballad that has a great sound and hits a high throughout the chorus before coming back down for the verse. A great addition to the heavier nature of the rest of the album, and fits nicely in the mix.


'Breathe Again' brings back that mid tempo guitar start before again a fantastic vocal performance joins everything together and brings us the listener another top notch track.

'Lost' raises that tempo up and hits you hard with a pumping beat and heavy guitar work. This is one of those tracks that when played in the car you will be turning up to 11 and rocking out, air drumming and singing along, before 'Without A Throne', the last track on this latest release by Everyday Heroes, and is another slower tempo tune to start, but a powerful vocal performance just allows us to drift along through this burner of a track, and is a fantastic end to a simply wonderful album.

Now there are plenty of very good bands currently on the scene that have come out of Wales, and Everyday Heroes are another that need to be added to that list. This latest album shows a great maturity in both the musical and lyrical performance and really is a very good mix of classic rock, southern rock, and heavier as well as presenting a wonderful power ballad without overpowering it. 

TFM gives 'A Tale Of Sin & Sorrow' 4.5/5, an excellent album that will sit well amongst your collection, especially if you like your rock slightly heavier but still able to hear all the lyrics. Musically spot on and vocally wonderful. From start to finish this album rocks so please check it out when released on June 5th.


Track list:- 1. 'Texas Red', 2. 'Find My Way', 3. 'Standing Stones', 4. 'The Witch's King', 5. 'Soul To Save', 6. 'Victorious', 7. 'All Outta Faith', 8. 'The Crow', 9. 'Breathe Again', 10. 'Lost', 11. 'Without A Throne'.


'Texas Red' has a southern rock style start with a great intro before moving into full on rock mode but still with a wonderful sound both musically and vocally. An immense start to this latest release. Lots of Black Stone Cherry vibes here. Next we have 'Find My Way' which has a more upbeat and bounding sound that takes us along nicely, akin to some of the classic rock tracks of the 70's and 80's, a real nostalgic feel with this.

'Standing Stones' is a heavier more in your face rocker of a track, heavy riffs and driving beat with a big chorus, before 'The Witch's King' continues with the heavier rock attack, again full on in your face relentless barrage of rock n roll. 'Soul To Save' drops the pace slightly but has a real anthemic feel, one that would not be out of place on an arena stage.