Flush The Fashion

'Failure Is Totally An Option'

Album Review.

Flush The Fashion are another Scandinavian export that you really should be checking out. These guys are a high energy rock band founded in Copenhagen in 2017, with a soft spot for old school hard rock, heavy metal, rock´n´n roll, & a lot of guitar solos.. A LOT!

Their debut album 'Failure Is Totally An Option' was released on February 17th 2018. 

'Thunderdogs' is a no holds barred start to this rockin album, hopefully this is a taste of what's to come. This
is followed by 'Burn It Down' which has a Queen/Brian May guitar sound before blasting into riff after riff after riff, again full on rock.


Midnight Drunk At Noon (Official Video)

'Midnight Drunk At Noon' has that Rockabilly vibe with the distinctive sound of the Double Bass married with the rockabilly beat..

Next up is 'Medicated Freakshow' which is a more 80's sounding rock track, with great vocals and plenty of guitar riffs to keep you happy.

'Flash The Fusion' is just a classic rock song with plenty of guitar being shredded, and this is followed by 'Preacherman's Door' which has that Bon Jovi 'Livin' On A Prayer' start before some great lyrics and driving beat take you through this power chord driven track.

'Backstage Pass' is up next which has a wonderful flow and a great sound, before we are transported into
'Crackhead Yeti', which is just nuts, end of.

'Letters From A Rooftop' is a the only true ballad and is just an awesome tune, but we end with 'Bullies', pretty much how we started this journey with a full on rock n roll express train of a track.

'Failure Is Totally An Option' is another Scandinavian gem of an album that you really should be checking out. Flush The Fashion are Magnus MP Möller: vocals, Dennis Post: guitar, Rune Buck: guitar, Niels Alex Larsen: drums, and K.D Johansen: bass. TFM give this a 4/5.

Track List:

1. 'Thunderdogs'

2. 'Burn It Down'

3. 'Midnight Drunk At Noon'

4. 'Medicated Freakshow'

5. 'Flash The Fusion'

6. 'Preacherman's Door'

7. 'Backstage Pass'

8. 'Crackhead Yeti'

9. 'Letters From A Rooftop'

10. 'Bullies'