Federal Charm

Passenger Album Review

Release Date September 14th 2018

For 'Passenger​' the new line-up wanted to retain Federal Charm’s previous natural sound, but also wanted to create an exciting new sonic platform for the band’s new vocalist, ​Tom Guyer​, to really let loose and show the world what he can do.

'Swing Sinner' sets the tone for this long awaited comeback album from the new line up of Federal Charm.
The song has the line 'Joe was a young boy his dad was a drunk' and basically the song tells of his retribution when he takes matters into his own hands but is dealt rough justice in the end.


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Next we have a tune that has been getting plenty of airplay, and it's called 'Choke'. This takes you through a nearly relationship tainted by class.
After the full on hectic start to the album, the pace slows a bit for a song about jealousy called 'Emerald Haze'.


'Death Rattle' talks about the loss of our favourite music venues that no longer exist due to new development and lack of government help. Something we as music fans I'm sure can all relate to, far too many are being lost every day.
'Nowhere Is Home' describes the feeling of moving about as a kid and never having a settled place you could call home and go back to due to your family moving about for work.


'Get Through' is all about putting broken relationships behind you and moving on. 'Concrete Creature' is next and has a strong environmental message.
'Can't Rule Me' talks about superficial people and all the bullshit that goes with them, while 'Halo' is all about waiting for the girl of your dreams to be available.

'Speak Out' is a strong statement about the governments failings before we end with 'Parting Words' that brings the pace down to end this comeback album.

Track List:-

1. 'Swing Sinner'

2. 'Choke'

3. 'Emerald Haze'

4. 'Death Rattle'

5. 'Nowhere Is Home'

6. 'Get Through'

7. 'Concrete Creature'

8. 'Can't Rule Me'

9. 'Halo'

10. 'Speak Out'

11. 'Parting Words'


Choke / Official Music Video

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'Passenger' is a strong comeback album for Federal Charm with their new line up, and Tom's vocals have the same tonal qualities as Jay Buchanan from the awesome Rival Sons.

You can catch them in the UK this September with their Planet Rock Presents tour.

TFM gives 'Passenger' a big 4/5