Gallows Circus

II EP Review

Kent-based ‘blues stained’ hard rock act Gallows Circus have been building quite a formidable reputation across the country with their unmissable brand of hard and heavy rock.

Their influences are myriad; from the power of Zeppelin through the melodic genius of Thin Lizzy, onto the modern blues-rock of Rival Sons and the hard edge of Soundgarden, Gallows Circus manage to make a sound all of their own. Focussed, intensely melodic, and hard-hitting.

Following the success of the band’s debut release, ‘EP II’ sees Gallows Circus continue to cement their status as one of the flag bearers for British hard rock.

The band are coming out swinging!

GC EP 2 Cover.png

We start this latest release with 'Hell's Whiskey', which was the first release from the EP. It has a  controlled start before the thunder hits and we are taken on a wonderful head bobbing journey to kick off the EP. 'Medicine Man' is next, and this latest release gives us a more funky track with a very addictive beat with sing a long verses and chorus.
'Who Cares' is a very radio friendly tune with a catchy beat and chorus and a good length before 
'Bring Your Crucifix', which takes no prisoners and is a full on heavy number from start to finish.
'Hunt You Down' is just a wonderful melodic and haunting number with a very southern vibe and a huge chorus. An excellent anthemic end to the EP.

II is an excellent sophomore EP and the first release with Ben Attwood on guitar. It is funky and heavy whilst maintaining catchy lyrics and sing a long choruses throughout. These guys always put on a fantastic live show with Ian Day, a perfect example of a front man, always entertaining.

Gallows Circus are Ian Day (vocals), Ben Attwood (guitar), Richard Tunbridge (bass), and Steve Kitchener (drums).

TFM gives II 4.5/5, a must have for all fans when released on September 25th.