Georgia Fearn

'Perfect On Paper' - Album Review

Excerpts taken from bio:- Georgia is a 17 year old singer-songwriter from Carmarthen. She first began to write songs when she was 9 years old, and has developed this talent to slowly create an original album chock full of surprises.

Georgia is a self-confessed book addict, who derived much inspiration for the eccentric characters that feature on the album from novels and film.

We start this album with a song called 'L'Amour', which gives us an interesting start especially with accordion intro and spoken lyrics before we are treated to an accomplished sounding voice far beyond her years.

'Catch Me When You Can' definitely has a more commercial sound that wouldn't be out of place played on any modern day radio station, and also you can imagine a crowd favourite for a chorus sing a long.


'Misty Mae' is a real powerhouse track that hits right from the off, but the very subtle musical additions keep this very unique.
'Be Careful What You Wish For' gives us a very cool change of musical tempo throughout which makes this another very unique sounding track.

'Does It Ever Make You Wonder' gives us just Georgia and her keys, which is a perfect match to start this thought provoking tune.

This is followed by 'Sharp Objects', a more up tempo track with a very modern sound and addictive beat.

The title track 'Perfect On Paper' is a very well rounded tune expertly executed with confidence and grace.

'Master Of Jazz' as the title suggests, brings us a beautiful jazzy vibe with a sultry Jessica Rabbit feel.

'Emptiness' is another song with a wonderful vocal intro and throughout with a stripped back sound.

'No Need To Hide' sees the tempo rise for this much more upbeat sounding tune before we get 'Always Be Yours' which is just a beautiful song.


'You Wouldn't Do This If You Did' is the last song on the album and we are left in no doubt that we have just listened to a young lady who is as diverse in her music as she is obviously very talented and mature as a song writer far beyond her years.

Wales has produced many a fine singer over the years, but remember the name Georgia Fearn, this girl has the talent and ability to go all the way.

'Perfect On Paper' is available now via her website and to stream via usual outlets.

TFM gives 'Perfect On Paper' 4/5, an interesting and often unique sounding album from a young woman with a very bright future.

Misty Mae

Track list:-

1. 'L'Amour'

2. 'Catch Me When You Can'

3. 'Misty Mae'

4. 'Be Careful What You Wish For'

5. 'Does It Ever Make You Wonder'

6. 'Sharp Objects'

7. 'Perfect On Paper'

8. 'Master Of Jazz'

9. 'Emptiness'

10. 'No Need To Hide'

11. 'Always Be Yours'

12. 'You Wouldn't Do This If You Did'