Gorilla Riot - 'Peach' 

Album Review

Following the previous releases of 'Six Shots Down' ep, self titled 'Gorilla Riot' ep and the semi acoustic 'American Honey Vol I' ep, there was a call for a full album and our prayers have been answered in the form of a full 12 track debut album titled simply 'Peach', due for release January 31st 2020.

Gorilla Riot have been making waves amongst the British music scene now for a few years and have gained many new fans of their full on three guitar attack and excellent live performances. They are just at home playing an acoustic set, but for this album it is fully electric and turned up to eleven.

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We start this debut full length album with what can only be described as the opening to a full on rock opera with the way the first track, although instrumental, leads you into track two which is just an extension of track one 'Riders' split into two, 'Riders I' and 'Riders II'. I would love to hear tracks one and two as one eight and a half minute symphonic musical journey, as you are taken on this wonderful flowing sound that gives me a real retro rock feel with a modern twist.
Before you know it you are into track 3, 'Still Doing Time', which has a distinctive change up of tempo with Arjun's vocals much more prominent than in the previous track. Again the three guitar attack works wonderfully on another sure fire live favourite.


'Mind Your Head' is a rocker with a real old school guitar start before strong verses and a great sing-a-long chorus. A wonderful guitar solo after about three minutes before we are back to the chorus. Sure to be an addictive favourite.


'Half Cut' is one of the tracks released earlier this year and has the unusual omission of a recognised chorus with its continuous hypnotic beat, but it works.

'Young Guns' is the latest release from the album, and has another really addictive beat that you cannot help but tap along with before again, you are taken on a musical journey that just engulfs you.
Next up is 'Help The Guilty', and this has a real grungy sound both musically and vocally before after three minutes we have a keyboard lull with just a bass line before being joined by guitar and some wonderful playing enriches this monstrous beast of a track. Again the repetitive nature of the lyrics is almost hypnotic.

With 'Reckless Till Death', the pace lifts with a pumping underlying beat and a wonderful upbeat chorus that again is definitely gonna be a wonderful live tune.

'Black Heart Woman' is next in line, and someone said to me that this track reminded them a bit of the Sabbath classic 'Fairies Wear Boots'. I can understand why with the way it starts in particular but this definitely has the Riot stamp on it, and has another lift up sing-a-long chorus.


'Prayer For Suckers' is an upbeat tune with a different feel to the rest of the album, but with the same Gorilla Riot fingerprint for sure. 'Beat Your Bite'  is a tune that has been about a while now and has been played live on numerous occassions, and definititely tips its hat to those Aussie rockers ACDC in my humble opinion.

The last track 'Chuggin' brings back that stoner rock sound synonomous with Gorilla Riot and is a good way to end this excellent debut album from this Manchester based band.  


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Track list:-

1. 'Riders I'

2. 'Riders II'

3. 'Still Doing Time'

4. 'Mind Your Head'

5. 'Half Cut'

6. 'Young Guns'

7. 'Help The Guilty'

8. 'Reckless Till Death'

9. 'Black Heart Woman'

10. 'Prayer For Suckers'

11. 'Beat Your Bite'

12. 'Chuggin'


We've had to wait a while for this full album from the Gorilla Riot guys, but it was well worth the wait. The new songs that we have already heard are strong and the new songs that have not been played live yet are all excellent and there are some nice musical changes within these tracks.


I make no apologies for being a huge fan of this band, but if i wasn't impressed with it I would say so, but fortunately i love it and can't wait for this to be released to the world on January 31st 2020.


TFM gives 'Peach' 5/5, and excellent debut album from a band with so much potential. Arjun, Charly, Liam, Deggy, Will & David, take a bow...