Gorilla Riot


Gorilla Riot are a 5-piece dirty rock 'n' roll blues machine from Manchester, England. Utilising a 3-pronged guitar attack with multi-part vocal harmonies, they play raucous blues-based rock, combining elements of grunge, stoner, and country to create a full-on high energy sonic experience.

Mainman Arjun Bhishma, surrounded himself with the best talent in Manchester to form Gorilla RiotArjun, is joined by Liam Henry (guitars & vocals), Charly T. (guitars & vocals), Deggy (bass), and Will Lewis on skins.

They have built their reputation as a hard living, hard playing, genre-straddling rock n roll band that can draw forth tears of joy one minute and then the pain of a heart-felt lament the next.

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'Talk Back' has a Celtic chant like opening before the guitars subtly bring us towards a wonderful chorus with a fabulous free flowing feel throughout. A magical track from start to finish.

'Late That Year' brings to a close this wonderful and unexpected EP from the boys from Manchester. This will tug on the heart strings for sure. A sad tale of break up and loss all packaged into this wonderful sounding song.

Gorilla Riot - Solace - cover art.jpg

'Drowned' was the first single released from this latest EP and is a wonderful and personal tune with a beautiful and emotive vibe throughout. Arjun's soulful vocals matched with the acoustic talents of the rest of the band all make for a fabulous mix. Some haunting and melodic harmonies provided by Sara Jane Pearson and Luci Vernon complement the boys perfectly.

'Sometimes Birds Never Fly' is next and is another wonderfully haunting and melodic tune. A wonderful bit of slide that accents the song beautifully, and a nice touch giving the girls a verse that again works perfectly in how these songs are recorded, raw and real.

This whole EP is very real and raw and there are no filters keeping you from the way this is supposed to sound. Recorded at the boys flat, you really do get a feeling of being in the same room just chilling and listening to some wonderful and emotive songs. This is truly a beautiful collection of very personal songs from one of the country's best bands that really do not get the credit they deserve.

Buy this, stream this, download this, just make sure you listen to this when released on September 6th.

TFM gives 'Solace' a perfect 10/10, just a wonderful release. http://gorillariotband.com/