Hannah Wicklund

The Inbetween EP

'Bomb Through The Breeze' is a wonderful way to start, with this stripped back and raw version with just piano and vocals. A very haunting sounding track delivered beautifully. Next up is another wonderful intimate performance with just acoustic guitar and vocals this time for the track 'Meet You Again'.

'Shadowboxes and Porcelain Faces' and 'Ghost' are also given the stripped back treatment in this very intimate and raw EP, with its take on four of the tracks from her self titled latest album.

For someone to have the confidence to break down all the barriers that protect you as a musician and to open yourself up so intimate and raw for an audience, takes some guts and some self belief. This artist has that in droves, and why not, when you can sing like this. It really will make the hairs stand up when you listen.

A fabulous piece of lockdown recording. TFM gives 'The Inbetween' 5/5, an excellent piece of work and definitely one to add to your collection. Available to pre-order now on vinyl for release on Friday April 17th.