Self Titled Album Review

Ever since Hollowstar were formed in 2015 and burst onto the scene, they've steadily built a core following in and around the Cambridge area first, but now nationwide. They released their debut EP in 2017 and it got great reviews, mainly because it's very good, but the wait for a full album has now been answered and their self titled debut album is due for release on 3rd May 2019.

They are one of the most full on live bands on the circuit right now, and always give 100% leaving nothing in the dressing room. You always leave a Hollowstar show on a high. Will their dynamic stage shows be replicated on this latest album? Well let's find out.


Track 6 is called 'All I Gotta Say', is another track which may be familiar with people as this was released as a single earlier this year. Again a heavy sound before you can't help yourself but sing along with the chorus again. 'Good Man Gone' is another very good track, powerful both musically and lyrically.


'Overrated' has an old school rock sound in my humble opinion that works just as well today as ever.

The penultimate track is called 'Down By The Water', and is a barnstormer of a track by one of the best of the modern day young rock bands on the circuit today. Last but not least by any means we have 'Sinner', which in fact could have just as well opened the album, it is that good and possibly my favourite track from this incredibly good debut album. I would say that there is not a bad song on the album, and listening to it over and over so I could write this review, I never wanted to skip one track, which is testament to how good I personally think this is.


The recording of the album is also very important and the sound really gives you that feel that you could be at a live gig. Fantastic recording, so all credit to the guys who produced this wonderful debut album. TFM gives 'Hollowstar' a well deserved 4.75/5.




Track list:-

1. 'Take It All'

2. 'Let You Down'

3. 'Invincible'

4. 'Think of Me'

5. 'Money'

6. 'All I Gotta Say'

7. 'Good Man Gone'

8. 'Overrated'

9. 'Down By The Water'

10. Sinner'





We start with a track called 'Take It All' which is a full on heavy riff laden track before Joe comes in and his vocals take over the reins but still the intensity continues as you are under no illusions this is gonna be a no holds barred rock experience. Next up is 'Let You Down', one of two tracks which have official videos and was released last year, and has a slightly slower tempo, but a powerful beat again with exceptional vocals from Joe that work perfectly.


Full speed ahead with the next track 'Invincible', where the chorus raises the level again, and will have you singing along without a doubt very quickly indeed. 'Think Of Me' is more of a power ballad with a wonderful beat that carries you along nicely into a great sing a long chorus again.


'Money' has a great guitar intro before the rest of the band join in and Joe's vocals are layered beautifully over this guitar driven track.