Howie G

Master Of The Night Album Review

Howie G is a guitarist, singer/songwriter based in Cheshire, UK. A session musician of some 20+ years, he has worked with some well known names from the world of rock, including Don Airey, Carl Sentence (Nazareth, Persian Risk, Krokus), Phil Campbell (Motorhead) and many more. Currently featuring in the acclaimed touring theatre show The Classic Rock Show alongside Wayne Banks (Robin Gibb, Sabbat, Blaze Bayley), Chris Ousey (SnakeCharmer), Johnnie West (Badlands).


Howie G released this debut solo album on 16th January 2019.



'Lullaby' as the title suggests, is a more melodic sounding tune, again with some wonderful harmonies and fantastic vocals. A beautiful sound.


Title track 'Master Of The Night', starts as you would expect with some screaming guitar and a real upbeat vibe that just continues throughout before the last track called 'Mister Meander' starts with a piano solo until a thought provoking guitar joins in with a haunting sound before the track takes off with a strong mid tempo instrumental followed by the vocals when we are treated to a soulful and sultry blues number to finish off this album nicely.

'Master Of The Night' is a truly wonderful debut album by an extremely accomplished musician and TFM gives it a healthy 4/5. Available now, go check it out.



We start this album with a track called 'Little Miss Brandywine' which has a great classic rock sound with a G'n'R twist, great start to the album.


Next is 'Anytime', with its powerful guitar intro before the vocals cut in and we are taken on a different trip with riffing to die for.

'Walking With My Shadow' has a much more laid back acoustic start. Even when the vocals start we are still in that relaxed state of mind. It has a great vibe that builds with the help of some wonderful backing harmonies. This is definitely a chill out tune, almost gospel in feel.


'Wiser Man' has a guitar intro that welcomes us in before the vocals come in and we are treated to another classic sounding track with a hint of Santana in the solos.


'Get Down With A Kiss' is a full on rock n roll, boogie woogie blues number that will have you dancing around in no time. It is a hi energy, hi octane fuelled track.


'Haunted Heart' has a heavier riff from the start, and the track continues in that direction. Heavy dirty bluesy rock n roll.


Track list:-

1. 'Little Miss Brandywine'

2. 'Anytime'

3. 'Walking With My Shadow'

4. 'Wiser Man'

5. 'Get Down With A Kiss'

6. 'Haunted Heart'

7. 'Lullaby'

8. 'Master Of The Night'

9. 'Mister Meander'