'We Will Ride'

Inglorious are one of the most exciting and vital acts in the British rock landscape and their shows are known to be nothing short of mesmerising.

The band is renowned for their iconic and unique sound, a blend of influences from seminal rock albums of the 70’s reinterpreted through contemporary sensibilities, which they have been performing with uncontainable energy and impeccable musicianship on stages across Europe.

'We Will Ride' is the follow up to 2019’s critically acclaimed album 'Ride To Nowhere'. 

The first time the band’s current line-up recorded an album together will be one they certainly won’t forget as they entered the studio in the middle of UK’s COVID-19 lockdown. Staying mindful of the six foot rule as much as reasonably possible, they set about crafting their love letter to rock 'n' roll and hard rock.

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Recorded in Cardiff with the renowned producer Romesh Gogandoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Motörhead), this album sees the band renewed and rejuvenated.

"The writing for this album was honestly the most pleasurable and relaxed experience I have had as a writer," says vocalist Nathan James. "We had so much fun and made sure not to force the songs that weren’t working. One of my favourite songs, 'She Won’t Let You Go', was actually written by Danny and myself before he was even in the band."

"I had a lot of time to think about what I wanted to write about on this album due to Covid-19 pushing the recording back twice. I chose to write about things that have inspired me in the last two years. Like everyone right now, I am consuming much more TV than usual, in the form of dark and sinister Netflix documentaries mostly. These have definitely inspired the stories this time around. As far as the sound of the album and the recording process, it was very different than anything this band has done before. Recording with this line up for the first time and also it was our first time ever working with a producer. Romesh Dodangoda has really made this album sound unlike anything we have created before and the new guys have brought influences to our music that I’m super excited to show everyone," concludes James.

'She Won't Let You Go'has a nice and deliberate build up before full band and Nathan's powerful vocals kick in. An excellent opening track to lead you into this latest release.

'Messiah' changes down slightly with a more mid tempo track that just builds and builds to a huge chorus, plenty of lifts and falls, before 'Medusa', which has a great slide start that just oozes southern charm before we are treated to a real vocal masterclass in this rock classic.

'Eye Of The Storm' drops the pace for a ballad which is sung with such emotive sensitivity before the roof is raised for the chorus, then back down again. A magical mix. This is followed by 'Cruel Intentions', and starts like a classical piece before we are hit with Zeppelin vibes which carry on throughout another strong track. This is a stadium tune without doubt.

'My Misery' has a head bobbing foot tapping start before we are given a true power ballad performance, before 

'Do You Like It', which is a powerhouse of a classic rock track brought up to date whilst still maintaining that huge rock sound.

'He Will Provide' is a pounding beat driven gothic style track which is heavy and relentless, followed by 'We Will Meet Again', which is another in the power ballad vein. Controlled and powerful vocals backed by a constant and strong beat from the rest of the band.

'God Of War' is the penultimate track and is a story waiting to be told, expertly done by Nathan and the band, before 'We Will Ride', which ends this latest album with a powerful and again driven track that allows the full range of Nathan's vocals to be set free. An excellent end to an excellent album.

Released on February 12th, this latest release and the first with the current line up of Inglorious, is gonna be a definite hit in my opinion. Full of guitar driven full throttle music matched with the immense vocal talent that is Nathan James, there is nothing not to like about this album. It brings the classic to the modern and combines the two to create a wonderful collection of new songs.

TFM gives 'We Will Ride' a glorious 9/10, a really good investment for your next addition to your music collection.