Jack J Hutchinson Band

The Bootleg Series: Vol 1

The past 18 months or so has seen a noticeable rise for one of the UK's most sociable and talented blues rock stars, Jack J Hutchinson along with Felipe and Laz, they have become a power trio that will rock wherever they play. All three individually are extremely talented musicians, but together they really are a powerhouse and every performance packs a punch.

We are going through some tough times worldwide at the moment and we are all missing the stuff  that before this pandemic we took for granted, like going and watching live music pretty much every day of the week if you so desired. Well Jack has decided to release a series of live recordings from a few of the gigs from his 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' tour, and we start here with 'The Bootleg Series: Vol 1' recorded live at the Bedford Esquires venue. 


'Justified' with intro music gets the party started on this latest leg of the 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' tour with its high energy start before we are taken to metal territory with the heavy 'Haunted Bones' with its relentless driven guitar pounding your very soul.

'Kiss Your Ass Goodbye' brings the whole western feel to the room with this track that is just a wonderful and endearing song. 'Lucky Man' is one of those songs that instantly lifts the room with its infectious upbeat feel both musically and lyrically before the fantastic 'Peace Of Mind' which is just an amazing track in two parts, and this live version is just stunning.

Now the first five tracks are all from the latest 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' album, but now we are treated to a track from the 'Paint No Fiction' album along with the next track also which is 'Hip Slickin'. Both these tunes are crowd favourites and always go down a storm when played live.

'Wake Up' and 'Boom' are both taken from the album 'Set Your Heart For The Sun' that Jack did with his Boom Boom Brotherhood. Both are excellent and full on crowd pleasers and always will have a place in any set even with a bit of G'N'R thrown in 'Wake Up' that just becomes one big ass jam with band introductions and individual showcases of talent including a huge and long solo by Felipe on the drums before Laz on the bass gets his turn to shine.


'Oh Well' is a Fleetwood Mac cover and one that always goes down well live, before we are taken back to the final track of the 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' album with 'Sleep, Awake, Obey!' which is heavy as hell and one that the crowd can join in on the chorus. This has an Oasis feel with a little side note of Pantera. Huge track.

We finish with another crowd favourite from the 'Paint No Fiction' album, 'Rattlesnake Woman'. A wonderful heavy blues number which will rattle your very foundations to the core.

I remember the old days long before the internet made everything accessible where we would climb the highest mountains and swim the deepest seas just to get our hands on a bootleg copy of a set by our favourite artists. Now most were fucking awful now looking back recording wise, but it was something as a fan you had to have. This current selection of live volumes that Jack is releasing takes me back to those exciting days of listening to a live set by a favourite artist, although now with much better sound and actually released by the artist themselves. I am so happy that these are being released, and for one I cannot wait for Volume 2....

TFM gives 'The Bootleg Series: Vol 1' 4.5/5, takes me back to my youth and gives us all something a little different in these current trying times.... Click the link below to check it out....