Jack J Hutchinson

'Who Feeds The Wolf?'

Album Review

Jack J Hutchinson has been enjoying a solo career for a good few years now, but the last twelve months has seen a constant with his band members in Felipe Amorin on drums and Laz on bass, and this has created a wonderful backing for Jack to do his thing.

This latest release sees an input from all three in one way or another and this creates a wonderful collection of tracks that give you the most authentic Jack J Hutchinson sound you will ever hear recorded. Only thing better than this album is to watch these guys live, which i highly recommend.


We begin with 'Justified', which was the first single release from this brand new album. It is a rocker and a great way to set the scene for the rest of the album. This is followed by 'Haunted Bones' which is even more heavy than 'Justified', with its heavy riff and aggressive tempo.

'Kiss Your Ass Goodbye' is a cool sounding tune with a western sound as in a spagetti western, well that's what it portrays to me. Great highs and lows throughout with a big chorus.


'I Will Follow You' is more of a ballad but not all love and roses, but a really cool almost psychedelic 60's early 70's feel with strong vocals. Excellent tune.

'Lucky Man' lifts the pace from the thoughtful to the full on JJH experience, plenty of guitar and an uplifting beat.
'Peace Of Mind' was described by Jack himself as "Southern Rocks answer to 'Bohemian Rapsody". Although said in jest, it is a good comparison. Starts off nice and controlled before we are thrown into a wave of musical explosion then we end with the nice and controlled version once again. Great addition of keyboards on this track, subtle but works great.





'Roll Another One' is another with a heavier beat but a really controlled chorus, before 'Let It Ride', which is probably the most uplifting tune I've heard for a long time. Wonderful tempo with a great sing a long chorus. A real happy feeling song.

'Autumn Leaves' is my personal favourite, it is just a magical tune, and is anthemic in it's construction and sound.

'Winds Of Change' lifts the pace again for an excellent uplifting tune with a great foot tapping beat before our last track, 'Sleep Awake Obey' ends this album with a monster of a tune, heavy drums, heavy bass and heavy riffs, and if you listen right to the end you would be excused for thinking Pantera had entered the room, excellent end to an excellent album.

The continuity of have a settled band with a healthy connection has really payed dividends as far as this latest album is concerned. It really is an excellent collection of songs from an extremely talented bunch of musicians, led by the colossus that is Jack J Hutchinson.

This is one of those albums where if they never made another then this would be an amazing swansong, although long may they continue making wonderful music together.

TFM gives 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' 5/5, an exceptional work of musical art.



Track list:-

1. 'Justified'

2. 'Haunted Bones'

3. 'Kiss Your Ass Goodbye'

4. 'I Will Follow You'

5. 'Lucky Man'

6. 'Peace Of Mind'

7. 'Roll Another One'

8. 'Let It Ride'

9. 'Autumn Leaves'

10. 'Winds Of Change'

11. 'Sleep, Awake, Obey!'