Jack J Hutchinson Band

Ain't Nothin' But - the Blues Bar - Stream

From the start of the original lockdown way back in April and all throughout the year, there have been a few artists that from the start have not just sat back and accepted the situation of no touring, and no crowds etc, but instead embraced the new situation and adapted accordingly to allow an income still to be made from their full time job as a touring musician.

One such artist is Jack J Hutchinson who was two thirds of the way through his biggest UK tour for the 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' album when the pandemic hit. The momentum was there and the whole band including Laz on bass and Felipe on drums, were in full flow and the band was so tight as a unit.


During the lockdown Jack and the band released several CD's including a couple of live shows and the wonderful 'Who Feeds The Lockdown?' album, which fuelled the fans hunger for music, but for a touring musician there is nothing better than getting out on that stage in front of your fans, and the buzz that everybody in that room feels.

In August that became a reality when the amazing guys from The Rock Co-Operative put on a socially distanced outdoor gig at Leo's Red Lion in Gravesend. From the moment they stepped on that stage you could feel the excitement from both the band and the fans. That was an amazing day.

Before Jack started on his more heavier rock orientated solo career, he could always be found in a small bar in London where he held a residency.  Ain't Nothin' But - the Blues Bar was his home for a few years where he honed his skills playing in front of a live audience every night, but as the name suggests, this was predominantly blues music, and although Jack is at home on stage in front of a rock crowd shredding his Zakk Wylde Viking V, this will always be his spiritual home, and when he was offered the chance to do a stream from there he jumped at the opportunity.


Last cover of the set is an excellent version of the BB King hit 'How Blue Can You Get'. Jack looks like he really enjoyed that one.

Now was time for some of Jack's originals, and we start off with tracks from the fabulous 'Paint No Fiction' album released three years ago now. 

First up is 'Hip Slickin' followed by 'Deal With The Devil', both excellent upbeat tracks before the emotive ballad 'Written In Stone' is given an outing. Jack himself says that this is his favourite track from 'Paint No Fiction'.

We move on to 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' album next with the banger that is 'Justified', and for this the Zakk Wylde Phaser pedal is incorporated with the acoustic, to bring a little metal to the night.

One of the most personal and beautiful tracks from 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' has to be 'I Will Follow You', a track written about his dad when he was diagnosed with Alzheimers last year. This particular song means so much to so many for different reasons, and is a song anyone can relate to.

Time to thank the band again, Laz on bass, Felipe on drums, and Juan on sound before the last song of the set from the upcoming 'Hammer Falls' album, 'World On Fire'. This is a great track and a wonderful way to close out the evening events at Ain't Nothin' But - the Blues Bar, or is it? One last twist sees Jack perform  another track from the upcoming 'Hammer Falls' album, this time going solo for one of the fabulous songs written and recorded during lockdown called 'Ghosts Of Yesterday'.


The date for the show was December 12th, and tickets for this special homecoming livestream were available with a special VIP option where you could hang with the band via a zoom link.

7pm saw the zoom VIP Q&A which was fun, then at 8pm via the YouTube link, the 2 minute countdown began....


We see a few brief  images of the bar before Jack, Laz and Felipe are on screen and start the set with a track from Jack's 'Paint No Fiction' album, 'Cut The Noose'.

This is quickly followed by band introduction then straight into a song about drinking, 'Locomotive Blues'.

Time for Jack to take the sunglasses off before we are treated to a wonderful sultry and evocative version of 'Easy Baby'.

The tempo rises for a lively rendition of 'Bony Maronie' before the Elmore James classic 'Shake Your Money Maker' is given the JJH treatment.

The sound is excellent through the stream, great production.

This was a wonderful return to the bar that moulded Jack into the performer he is today, and you can tell what a joy it was to be able to do this performance for his spiritual home. TFM gives Jack J Hutchinson Ain't Nothin' But - the Blues Bar stream a 5 star performance. Great choice of songs, great sound and a great performance by all.