Jack J Hutchinson

'Haunted Bones' Single Review 

For the last 18 months or so Jack J Hutchinson has been on a real upward journey with his music, especially now that he has a settled band in Felipe on drums, and Laz on bass.


We are in no doubt right from the opening riff of the second single to be released from the upcoming 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' album, that it's gonna be different to 'Paint No Fiction', the previous release on many levels, but the most obvious is the heavier sound.

This track titled 'Haunted Bones' is an angry aggressive track that will leave you wanting more, from the Metallica'esk riff to the almost Oasis style vocals, this is gonna be a beast when played live, I have no doubt.

Photo 13-04-2019, 13 32 19.jpg

The single will be released on limited edition CD and on download from August 12th, with the album 'Who Feeds The Wolf' due for release October 18th 2019, and will be available to pre-order from the official website/store soon.