Jack J Hutchinson

Justified - Single Review

Jack J Hutchinson is back with a brand new album due for release on October 18th 2019 called 'Who Feeds The Wolf'. In Jack's own words, "It is a lot heavier than anything I have recorded before. I’m really proud of my last album, but never felt I’d captured how I play guitar live on record. There is a certain anger and energy that I let loose on stage, and this track is what I’d been searching for."

The first single to be released from this new album is titled 'Justified' and will be available in ltd edition red cd format. It will be released on June 14th 2019. This will be the first album recorded with Jack's resident band members that have been playing and touring together for over a year now, Felipe Amorim on drums and Lazarus Michaelides on bass.


'Justified' is a belter of a track, a real rock n roll beast. It is riff laden and has a great sound and feel as the song builds to a crescendo of a chorus. I for one cannot wait to hear this played live as I'm sure it will be amazing.


If the rest of 'Who Feeds The Wolf' is as good as 'Justified' then we are in for a treat.

Jack is doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund the release of the new album, and full details can be found on his website at  https://jackjhutchinsonmusic.com/

TFM gives 'Justified' a well deserved 4.5/5, you need to pre-order and buy this track now...