Jamie Porter Band


Jamie Porter Band are a rock n roll band from the North West UK, and are Jamie Porter (Guitar/Vocals), Danny Porter (Bass/Keys/Vocals), and they have recently been re-joined by a previous drummer and friend Jason Edmunds who also features on some tracks on the new album.

The band’s live sound gives the listener big riffs, infectious hooks and catchy choruses with big harmonies and plenty of room for audience participation combined with an enthusiastic approach to the performance with great reviews of recent live shows. 

The new album MMXXI is being released on October 8th 2021 from the bands’ website, and the band are looking forward to taking the music out live to new audiences.

Jamie Porter Band.jpg

'Save Me' slows the pace with a beautiful piano opening before a controlled and heartfelt journey takes us towards a huge chorus.

'You Can’t Bring Me Down' lifts the pace with this mid tempo guitar driven attack that is probably the most commercial sounding track on the album. This is follwed by 'Everything You Do', which is another that has a real commercial feel, and is just a really nice sounding and good vibe number.

MMXXI Cover Art.jpg

'Ready For Action' is a no holds barred rocker with a southern twist from the very first note. This is a great lively and upbeat opening.

Next up is 'I Can’t Stop Loving You', and is another with a wonderful and aggressive guitar intro matched with soulful and bluesy vocals. A great and addictive riff throughout.

'Lay It On Me' is just an ageless rock number with everything good about classic rock music encompassed within.


'Where We Belong' is a dirty bluesy number with a heavier undertone that sounds immense.

'Sound Of The Summer' as the name suggests definitely has a summer vibe, and is an upbeat sing a long song. Penultimate track 'The Last Train', has a real southern rock swagger and anthemic sound, before we finish with 'Touch The Sky'. For me this has a Tom Petty vibe and a big chorus.

If you like you rock with a more classic bluesy and southern feel then this new release 'MMXXI' will be right up your street. Full of riffs, gnarly vocals and a heavier sound, all point towards an excellent release, and TFM gives the new album from the Jamie Porter Band a well deserved 9/10. Check it out when released on October 8th.  https://jamieporterband.com/