Jack J Hutchinson

'Who Feeds The Lockdown?'

From press release:- The Jack J Hutchinson Band are pleased to announce their new official live album 'Who Feeds The Lockdown?', which will be released on 17th July 2020. The album will be available on 180g purple vinyl, CD and digital formats exclusively via Psychedelic String Records on the band's new Patreon page and Official Store.


The album features 10 tracks, including songs from Hutchinson's two solo albums 'Who Feeds The Wolf?' and 'Paint No Fiction', plus RHR's 'Mahogany Drift'. The set is completed by a cover of Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs'.


'Who Feeds The Lockdown?' was recorded entirely in lockdown in three separate locations across the UK over the last 8 weeks and has been mixed and mastered in Brazil, where the band recently toured, by producer Lucas Sagaz.


Now right from the start and all throughout this lockdown period, Jack, Laz and Felipe have been extremely busy and innovative in how they move forward as a band and as individuals during these dark days. 

Unlike some others they have not just sat there moaning about the situation, instead they have constantly been in touch with each other working out the best way forward and solving together any issues they encountered along the way.

One thing this forced lockdown has done is given time for musicians and people alike to take a step back and reflect on an otherwise very hectic schedule on the road and life in general. It has also given the time to write, write lots and come up with new songs for the future, as well as recording for now, which brings us onto the reason for this review, 'Who Feeds The Lockdown?'.

This latest release is in no way a hashed up take on previous albums, but more a celebration and a full on live album of the band's set. This has been recorded, produced and mixed professionally and it really is a wonderful recording.

We have tracks from Jack's latest album release 'Who Feeds The Wolf?', the previous album 'Paint No Fiction', as well as one of the tracks that Jack submitted to the RHR album 'Mahogany Drift', and the amazing finale to recent shows, Sabbath's 'War Pigs'.

This whole album from start to finish is just a wonderful and immersive experience for the listener as this really does capture the live sound that you experience when you see these guys out on the road. This is not an easy thing to achieve, but they really have and some with this release.

This album is how these songs should be heard, it is full of passion, frustration, even rage, as well as hope and pure joy all rolled into one hell of a collection of heavy as fuck recordings of some of the band's most loved live songs.

From 'Justified' through to 'War Pigs', you are left in no doubt that you have just experienced one kick ass show. This is full of riffs and bass lines that will rattle the fillings from your teeth, and a drummer that can create shockwaves with his playing that would send tsunamis across continents.

This really is a beast of a recording and should really come with a health warning as you should only play this turned up to 11.

So when you get it, put it on, sit back, and lose yourself in this fantastic record.

TFM gives 'Who Feeds The Lockdown?' 5/5, a no brainer....