Jo Below

'No Control'

Formed in 2017, Jo Below are a four-piece melodic hard rock group based in Helsinki, Finland.

Founded from the ruins of Devil I Know, Jo Below consists of frontwoman Johanna Kari, guitarist Roni Seppänen, bassist Jonne Lindqvist and drummer Olli Vartiainen. The group combines traditional hard rock sounds with modern influences, calling their style of music "modern classic rock".

Jo Below will release their second EP 'No Control' via Inverse Records on April 16th 2021. Like its predecessor 'By the Rules' (released in 2020 via Inverse Records), 'No Control' is a sturdy "all killer no filler" five song EP that was written, recorded and produced by the band itself. 

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'No Control' starts with a wonderful acoustic intro before a beautiful tune develops with some fabulous vocals for this title track. This is just a fabulous song to end the EP.

Another new band for me, but I am becoming a lot more familiar with Scandinavian bands these days. It certainly isn't all Death Metal or Thrash, there are actually some really cool bands of all genres just waiting to be discovered. TFM gives 'No Control' 8.5/10, well worth a listen, it might surprise you.

'Ms. Death' has a wonderful intensive start before vocally it is complimented beautifully taking us along on this great opening track. 'Where Are You Now?' has a much more commercial sound. I very much get a Fleetwood Mac vibe.

'Another Dimension' is up next and is a slower more controlled number, very radio friendly.
'I Confess' builds from a slower start to a fully fledged rockin' number. One that will have that head bobbing and feet tapping along for sure. Very classic rock in style.