JOANovARC - Album Review

Due for release on May 31st 2019, the much anticipated self titled album from JOANovARC will be released. It is eleven tracks and in the words of the band themselves:-

“We are role models, we want to inspire young females and empower them". The 'JOANovARC' album is an inspiring statement and speaks for itself.”

The 'JOANovARC' album is a continuation of the band's journey and includes songs that have been written by the Walker sisters over many years.

"We are all great friends, as mentioned in our last album we have been through everything together, heartache, death, illness, sweat, blood, great times, addiction, narcotics, break ups, celebrations, fights and tears!"


'Burning' kicks off this album with a repetitive quality throughout and is pretty one dimensional albeit annoyingly addictive.

Next up is 'Waiting For', and is a great track with so much going on within the song, changes of direction musically, vocally and tempo, all are excellent and keep you hooked.


'Down By the River' has a slower tempo to start before a hypnotic rise into the chorus, another well put together track and some excellent vocals make this another exceptional track.



'People Coming Up' has a funky vibe that you can't help but enjoying and tapping along with.


'Take It Out' has a sound that reminds me of a Eurythmics song before the chorus blasts that away.


'When We Were Young' is a slow ballad of a song followed by 'Try It On' which builds as a song and has a beat again, that is addictive and grabs you.


'Jane' is the current single release from the album and has an upbeat tempo that works perfectly with this track and is spot on for radio play.




'This Way' is a heavier full on rock track and is followed by 'Slipping Away' which starts with a bass line before the band comes in and carries you along on this upbeat number.

We end the album in a reflective mood after being treated to this acoustic ballad called 'Go Home'.

Personally I wasn't inspired from the first track but after that, wow. A wonderful eclectic mix of beats and tempo and vocally strong throughout.

TFM gives 'JOANovARC' 4/5.




Track list:-

1. 'Burning', 2. 'Waiting For' (Explicit), 3. 'Down By The River', 4. 'People Coming Up', 5. 'Take It Out',

6. 'When We Were Young', 7. 'Try It On', 8. 'Jane', 9. 'This Way', 10. 'Slipping Away', 11. 'Go Home'.