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Guitar Man Documentary

December 8th sees the release of the brand new documentary 'Guitar Man', all about the life and career of Blues maestro Joe Bonamassa.

This documentary follows Joe from his first musical steps through to his current standing in the world of music, and gives a fascinating insight into his life, and all the trials and tribulations that he and many others have had to endure to get to this point in time.

The more you watch this, the more you will see just what an incredible musician this man is and how he has been encouraged, produced, mentored and helped throughout by some of the best in the business, firmly bringing an extremely strong bond to his close knit musical family that seems almost unbreakable.

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We start with Joe and the band playing at one of the coolest music arenas anywhere on the planet, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado in front of 9000 adoring fans. He is tearing up the stage with 'The Ballad Of John Henry'. He says 'they say that nobody like the blues anymore, well I know 9000 people that do'.

Joe has had more number one blues albums than anyone else in history yet and as Kevin Shirley says 'people still say Joe who?'

BB King & 12 Yr old JB - Debra Bonamassa

The day before his 12th birthday, Joe was asked to open up for the legend that is BB King in front of 8000 fans in upstate New York. What an amazing experience that would be for anyone, let alone a 11/12 year old kid.

Joe was just following in the footsteps of his ancestors, with his great grandfather being a professional trumpet player, his grandfather played in bands and his father as well. He continued on the tradition and then took it to another level.

Throughout this film you get to see inside the enigma that is Joe Bonamassa and who moulded this super talented kid into what he is today.

At 13 Joe was signed by Roy Weisman who was with J&R Adventures management company and they are still together to this day, which shows great faith and a great working relationship between the two.

His parents liked them because they were a family run business and that came across and was a big part in their decision to let Joe join them. 

Throughout the film you will see what a fantastic bond and trust that these guys have for each other, definitely a great long term investment for both.

JB Roy & Kevin -red rocks - Christie Goo
JB with Eric Clapton 2- Royal Albert Hal

Very early on in Joe's life he was shown a video cassette of the Farewell To Cream concert shot at The Royal Albert Hall in London.

From that day Joe was inspired and spent every waking moment trying to recreate the sounds coming from the tv created by Eric Clapton, and it became a dream of his to one day play at the hallowed grounds of The Royal Albert Hall.

May 4th 2009 saw him achieve his long time dream and even Eric Clapton graced the stage with Joe for a rendition of the song that started the journey, 'Further On Up The Road'.

There is so much more cool and interesting information and footage in this film that it would be a shame to spoil it all for you, and the best way to find out is to download and watch the documentary yourselves. Even if you are not a huge Bonamassa fan, I think you would still really enjoy this and it might just change your thinking of Joe.

He really is a supreme talent, far more natural than most people would give him credit for, and you get a wonderful insight into Joe's life and that of the people around him that really matter.

TFM gives Guitar Man a big fat 5/5, this really is essential viewing for any true music fan, especially if you are a guitarist.


Joe Bonamassa’s 'Guitar Man' documentary is on video-on-demand and digital, released by Paramount Home Entertainment on December 8th. Order:

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JB with Double neck guitar- 2014 - Rick