King Creature

'Set The World On Fire'

'Set The World On Fire' was recorded with the help of John Cornfield (Supergrass, Muse) and Mike Exeter (Cradle of Filth, Black Sabbath). Using a converted garage and a lot of determination, the band worked together to produce a gritty hard rock album that follows on from their 2017 debut Volume One. To launch 'Set The World On Fire', King Creature released brand new single 'Wisdom Told', a heartfelt ballad of epic proportions, shows a gentle side to the ominous creature. A track that powers through and creates vulnerability for listeners is a celebration of fathers past and present. The band soon followed up with heavy hitter 'Captives'.


'Captives' is riff fuelled and full of anger, discussing an inner mental battle, Captives is a track for anyone that has felt trapped in their lives. Commenting on the track King Creature said "Captives is the epitome of a mental cage, it's the clipping of a partners wings to inhibit their growth as a person, It's like trying to keep your children young forever and never allowing them to blossom. Generally the person holding someone back is really the insecure party and finds solace in somehow keeping a person in mental suspended animation, we have decided to portray this position in our video as a literal cage as this best suits the imagery of our video".

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'I Quit' is possibly the most commercial sounding track so far, whilst still maintaining those heavy undertones, followed by 'Demon Within', which is just a heavy as fuck aggressive number with some great harmonies in the chorus.

'No Getting Out Alive' is a 100mph full on attack on the hearing and one that you will be playing that air guitar without a care in the world before 'Beautiful Fatality', which is another with a high intensity start before we are guitar driven throughout.

'Fear Of The Fool' is a fabulous power ballad followed by 'Live Forever', a rock 'n' roll rollercoaster to finish this album, and wraps up a wonderful hard and heavy King Creature release.


'Desolation' is a full on aggressive number that sets the tone for this new album. Originally released as a single back in 2019, this is definitely a tried and tested track to kick things off.

'Captives' is another heavy and angry riff laden number with a great sound that has a wonderful rise and fall of tempo within.

'Wisdom Told' slows the pace with a more melodic and controlled sound both musically and vocally, before
'Falling Down Again' raises the level with an intense riff driven number, both heavy and dark with some wonderful changes of tempo. This track has a little bit of everything and is just a great track.


'The Storm' is another with a quieter more controlled start before the roof raises and the level intensifies and again a very aggressive track.

This latest release from King Creature is a heavy and intense thrill ride that will vibrate your very soul. Great vocals, heavy riffs and a pounding beat, make 'Set The World On Fire' a must have for anyone who likes their music on the heavier side whilst still maintaining a great vocal display. TFM gives 'Set The World On Fire' 4.75/5, an excellent and real powerhouse of a release out to buy on November 6th.

Track list:- 1. 'Desolation', 2. 'Captives', 3. 'Wisdom Told', 4. 'Falling Down Again', 5. 'The Storm', 6. 'I Quit', 7. 'Demon Within', 8. 'No Getting Out Alive', 9. 'Beautiful Fatality', 10. 'Fear Of The Fool', 11. 'Live Forever'.