King King


Most of the songs, bar one, were co-written by all the band members, while all arrangements were co-written by Alan Nimmo and keyboardist Jonny Dyke. Says Alan, “I value contributions from all of the guys in the making of new music. Johnny and I found a great rhythm working together. We just got our heads down and made sure that the songs were arranged in the best way possible.” 

King King have evolved as a band, and their fifth album, 'Maverick', is no exception. But what makes this new album different from all the previous King King albums? 

“Maverick is an album that I chose to write with complete freedom,” explains Alan. “Musically, it’s more mature and more complex than our previous records, but it also has the simplicity of an album that just has great catchy songs that people will want to sing along with. The essence of King King is still there and always will be. We hope the energy, fun and passion is evident throughout!” 


'When My Winter Comes' is another with just piano as accompaniment on this beautiful ballad, while next up we have 'Dance Together', which as the title suggests is a rocker that will have you moving to the upbeat music coming through your speakers.

'End Of The Line' brings this latest King King release to a close with a soulful and chilled out number which just oozes class. A fantastic end to a fabulous new album.

King King are Alan Nimmo (guitar/vocals), Jonny Dyke (keys), Andrew Scott (drums), Zander Greenshields (bass), Stevie Nimmo (guitar).

King King are back and stronger than ever with this latest line up all contributing to this latest release. It really is an excellent release with a nice and varied collection of songs to suit everybody.

TFM gives 'Maverick' 4.75/5, an excellent new album by a band that has only been made stronger by the addition of Stevie Nimmo. Released November 6th but can be pre ordered via the band's website at the following link

'Never Give In' is a funky full on start to this new album, wonderful guitar with a great vocal performance throughout.

The next two tracks 'Fire In My Soul' and 'Whatever It Takes To Survive' would not be out of place in an 80's Rocky movie. They both have that vibe and remind me of that time.

'I Will Not Fail' brings back the funk and is just a great feeling upbeat track, before we drop the pace for
'By Your Side', which starts with just the vocals and a wonderfully haunting piano and is just a beautiful number.

'One World' is another that has a mid tempo but upbeat feel with a chorus that raises the whole track, followed by 'Everything Will Be Alright', which is an upbeat and lively track with a real feel good vibe.