'Fools & Monsters'

KinStrife were formed in 2013, and was the brainchild of founding members Alan Kaye and Dave Richards. Later adding to the line up Mike Hoskins on vocals, and finishing with drummer Simon Richards in 2017.

Simon is no relation to Dave, however, he and Alan knew each other from college days. After a chance encounter years later, the pair found themselves with much in common. Simon attended a couple of KinStrife gigs prior to the original drummer announcing his wish to leave the band to pursue other ventures. Simon was asked along to practice and has now earned himself a permanent spot in the band.

The band’s style has been influenced heavily 

by the golden age of rock music, from the 80's through to the modern day, this shows in their unapologetic style of rock which pulls from different bands that inspire them.

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'Intervention' sets the pace nicely for this debut album, a good rockin' beat before very distinctive vocals come in and in tandem we are taken on a journey.

'Make Me' builds from a slower start into a wonderful flowing track with plenty of heart, before
'Cursed', which from the start brings the thunder. An attacking full throttle number both musically and vocally. It has a classic rock vibe with metal, even punk undertones.

'Fear' is a ballad that slows the pace nicely and delivers a wonderful 80's vibe, powerfully and with passion, followed by 'Devil's Call', which brings back the heavier nature of this album with another track that just flows and sits perfectly in the mix.

'Get Away' hits hard from the start and continues throughout, before 'Unconditional'. This is another that slows the pace a little to bring us an anthemic sounding track that builds nicely as we go along.

'Bombs' is a full on supertanker that ticks all the rock boxes, great riffs, fast pace and great vocally. A powerful beast indeed. This is followed by 'Rise And Fall', which is another heavier number. Again a fast pace that just takes you along on a bow wave riding high.

'Slow And Easy' is a strong and emotive ballad with plenty of grit throughout, whilst the penultimate track 'Any Given Day' is another that from start to finish just rocks.

We end with 'Stick With Me', which starts off serene and gentle before a familiar groove is formed and the thunder claps. A solid end to an wonderful debut release from these guys.

'Fools & Monsters' is a great debut album by this bunch of seasoned musicians and the songs are nicely layed out in a format that flows effortlessly throughout this album.


A unique and distinctive vocal and a strong musicianship make for a must have release if you like anything musically remotely heavier in style.

TFM gives 'Fools & Monsters' a solid 9/10 for an excellent release.

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