Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

'Straight To You' Live

The calls have been coming for a long time explains Shepherd.  "People have been asking us to do a live DVD forever, for decades," he explains. "We've been working so much focussing on studio recordings. But I've been hearing the call from the fans for many years now," and, as live music has come to a standstill, the band wanted to give the fans a taste once again of that experience and this blistering set shows them in full force.

"Woman Like You I think is the perfect opening song for the show, just like I thought it was the perfect opening song for the record. I think you just come out swinging, it sets the mood for the entire show. It’s like, we’re there to rock and we mean business.  The whole intention of this set list is that we come out with a lot of energy, get the crowd pumped up. We want to get them energised right off the bat."


A wonderful and funky start to this live album with 'Woman Like You'. A fabulous solo and a great sound from the horns section with Mark Pender on trumpet and  Joe Sublett on trumpet.

'Mr Soul' is up next on the DVD version, but not on the CD version. It has a fabulous 60's sound and vibe, and with plenty of room for Kenny to solo. An excellent addition to the DVD version.

'Long Time Running' has a slower and gritty sound that draws you in then carries you along as the pace rises through the choruses, before a quick guitar change and we go into 'I Want You', a bluesy funky number with Kenny on lead vocals for this one.

'Diamonds & Gold' from their last album 'Lay It On Down' is another where Kenny takes the vocal lead before some great harmonising with Noah through the chorus. This is just a cool and funky track, but also radio friendly in my opinion. Next up is 'Talk To Me Baby', and sees another guitar change for this Elmore James classic expertly covered with a KWS stamp on it. The horn section has a field day on this.

'Heat Of The Sun' slows the pace and brings Noah back to lead vocal duties for this track from 2011's 'How I Go' album.

'Down For Love' brings the pace back up with this soulful and bluesy rocker.

'Shame Shame Shame' sees Noah take this to the bank vocally. A fabulous soulful performance and a wonderful keyboard solo from Joe Krown.

'Turn To Stone' is a track that builds into a crescendo and then just continues along leading into a fantastic solo from Kenny, before the band leaves the stage.

They return for the encore and start back with a personal favourite 'Blue On Black', and deliver a wonderful version, before 'I'm A King Bee' lifts the tempo for this penultimate track with this hand clapping funky rockin' tune.

For the last track, 'Voodoo Child' (Slight Return), KWS gives the Hendrix classic the treatment.

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band are a wonderfully seasoned group of musicians, each at the top of their game. This live CD/DVD really does its best to capture that live atmosphere only present at the show, and I do believe they did a fantastic job.

Both the CD and DVD are a fabulous addition to any music collection and TFM gives 'Straight To You' Live a full on 5/5, an excellent performance by an exceptional musician.


Track list:- 1. 'Woman Like You' (Live), *2. 'Mr. Soul' (Live),  3. 'Long Time Running' (Live), 4. 'I Want You' (Live), 5. 'Diamonds & Gold' (Live), 6. 'Talk To Me Baby' (Live), 7. 'Heat Of The Sun' (Live), 8. 'Down For Love' (Live), 9. 'Shame, Shame, Shame' (Live), 10. 'Turn To Stone' (Live), 11. 'Blue On Black' (Live), 12. 'I'm A King Bee' (Live), 13. 'Voodoo Child' (Slight Return) (Live). *Not on CD.