Laurence Jones Band

Album Review

Laurence Jones is back and is ready to tear up Europe with new self-titled album 'Laurence Jones Band'. The accomplished new album, recorded in Miami, and produced by Gregory Elias, is set for release on Friday 27th September 2019 on Top Stop Music via Sony.

The Laurence Jones Band have had a makeover with their wardrobe, and boy have they gone and made one helluva new record.


The Laurence Jones Band is comprised of Laurence Jones (vocals and guitar), Phil Wilson (drums), Bennett Holland (keyboard) and Greg Smith (bass). 


'Stay' has a bluesy start before again you are taken on a musical journey with hooks and licks around every corner. 'Mistreated' has a slower more soulful sound with a repetitive beat almost Caribbean in style.

Next is 'Quite Like You' with its funky start which leads into a wonderful free flowing tune musically and vocally. This is a gem. 'Long Long Lonely Ride' has an old school blues start with a modern edge throughout.


'Beautiful Place' is a slower ballad of a track with a very cool vibe and an uplifting chorus that is a sing along waiting to happen. 'Low Down' is another stormer of a tune, which again to me has a real 60's feel and sound.

'Day Tripper' is their unique cover of the Beatles classic, quickly followed by 'Heart Is On Fire', which has a funky beat that is infused with some soulful vocals which altogether create a great mix.


Last track on the album is called 'The Love' and is a slower more relaxed end to an excellent release. 


Track list:-

1. 'Everything's Gonna Be Alright'

2. 'Wipe Those Tears Dry'

3. 'I'm Waiting'

4. 'Stay'

5. 'Mistreated'

6. 'Quite Like You'

7. 'Long Long Lonely Ride'

8. 'Beautiful Place'

9. 'Low Down'

10. 'Day Tripper'

11. 'Heart Is On Fire'

12. 'The Love'



We start with 'Everything’s Gonna Be Alright', which has a wonderful uplifting keyboard intro that leads into a track that  just gives you a great feeling and you can't help but get taken along with it. Great start to the album. This is followed by 'Wipe Those Tears Dry' which is a more mellow and controlled tune but still with a funky backbone.


Track 3 is called 'I’m Waiting'. This is another full on track that has recently been released as a single. It has a great driving beat and plenty of energy with a hint of a 60's vibe to me.



The album will be available on CD, Vinyl, limited Deluxe Vinyl (coloured – Amethyst) and in the bundles – such as a deluxe bundle including the Signed Deluxe Edition Vinyl, Ltd Edition T shirt, Signed CD, Ltd Edition collectors badge set and signed photo of Laurence Jones Band. The album and bundles are available for pre-order now via

This really is a wonderfully fresh album and is a pleasure to listen to from start to finish. There is a great mix of musical styles and influences all tied together nicely with a tight band behind Laurence.

TFM gives the self titled Laurence Jones Band a very healthy 4.5/5, a must have for anyone that likes great music.