Man With A Mission 

Release Date August 10th 2018

Japan’s greatest rock sensation known as MAN WITH A MISSION is back with their brand-new studio album 'Chasing The Horizon'. It is a prime example of flawlessly executed modern rock and proof why MAN WITH A MISSION is about to conquer Europe and the World, just as they have impressively conquered their homeland. 'Chasing The Horizon' offers 14 tracks of pure high energy rock.

'2045' kicks the album off with high Intensity which leads into a driving beat which doesn't let up one bit with the next track 'Broken People'.

'Winding Road' is a much more mellow tune, more of a power ballad before probably my favourite track on this album 'Hey Now', it's just so addictive with a great driving beat and progression with a chorus that you can't help singing along to.

'Chasing The Horizon' Album Review


'Please Forgive Me' brings the pace down again before exploding into a more commercial sounding track.
'Take Me Under' starts slow before we are taken on a Synthtastic ride before 'Freak It' will have you bouncing right from the start.

'Break The Contradictions' has a powerful beat that leads you into a strong and powerful track that has a great sound and feel.
'My Hero' has a real Beastie Boys feel which is in no way a bad thing, another powerful tune.

Next up is another stand out track for me on this album, which is 'Dead End In Tokyo' that leads us into the title track 'Chasing The Horizon', a much more melodic pop song that has a very uplifting sound.
'Find You' is another power ballad of a song followed by 'Dog Days' which takes you back to the hectic dance beat more associated with the band.

We end this album with a track called 'Sleepwalker' which is just a really nice song that will bring you back down to earth after the rollercoaster ride you've just experienced.

Dead End In Tokyo

Track List:-

1. '2045'

2. 'Broken People'

3. 'Winding Road'

4. 'Hey Now'

5. 'Please Forgive Me'

6. ,Take Me Under'

7. 'Freak It'

8. 'Break The Contradictions'

9. 'My Hero'

10. 'Dead End In Tokyo'

11. 'Chasing The Horizon'

12. 'Find You'

13. 'Dog Days'

14. 'Sleepwalker'

'Chasing The Horizon' is a great feeling modern day hardcore rock album for the 21st Century.

TFM gives it 4/5 with stand out tracks for me which are 'Hey Now', Break The Contradictions' and 'Dead End In Tokyo'.