Mike Ross

The Clovis Limit PT2

Mike’s eagerly anticipated forthcoming album 'The Clovis Limit PT2', showcases his talents and creative flair, with gusto, variety and more. It’s an album that’s remarkably strong on multiple fronts: songwriting, classic rock vocals, and a showcase for Mike’s musicianship on multiple instruments.


Two singles have already dropped from the album: ‘The Loser’ then ‘None of Your Business’, earning airplay and acclaim, particularly on Planet Rock.

'The Clovis Limit PT2', lives up to Mojo Magazine’s  review of Mike’s work as “Fuzzed-up, fierce and full frontal fiery attack coupled with sexy, smooth slidin’, Southern soul!” and Planet Rock Magazine’s equally-on point praise of “Hypnotic Blues that revel in dark menace.”


'Hammer' allows us to take breath after the first three tracks and has a wonderful and hypnotic southern vibe, similar to David Bowie from the Labyrinth movie, before a wonderful guitar solo sits beautifully in the middle before the haunting and melodic sound continues. A truly wonderful track to get lost in. This is followed by 'Tell Jerry', which is just a country, funky and joyful instrumental which pays homage to Jerry Reed, Snowman in the Bandit films if you don't know him. This has a foot tapping underlying beat that is just killer.

'The Loser' was the first single from the album and is another wonderful free flowing country influenced number with some magical touches and one of the best lines in any song I've heard in a long time, "sticks and stones and cannon balls might bugger up your house of straw", great stuff.

'Leviathan' is a track that was featured on 'Mahogany Drift' by RHR, but here it has been reworked and is a different version, but once again such a great track, mesmerising and hypnotic.


Next up is 'Unforgiven', a track that has The Allman Brothers written all over it with its twin guitar attack, and I'm sure Mike would be the first to admit that this was certainly influenced by them. Another fabulous and uplifting track.


'Don't Say A Word' follows on from track two 'None Of Your Business', again dealing with all these know it all people that I'm sure we've all had the pleasure or displeasure of dealing with in our lifetimes.

'Shoot You If You Run' is a truly anthemic sounding beast both musically and in the length of the track. At just over nine minutes, this really is a mammoth track with an addictive beat and chorus that will have your attention from start to finish. This track is huge in every way and has a really interesting back end to the tune.

'Unforgiven' (Ramport Remix) is a hidden bonus track and is another mix of track eight with a few lyrics thrown into the pot. A fabulous ending to a truly wonderful album.

Mike really has nailed this album and in my opinion will be right up there near the top if not at the pinnacle of my favourite albums of 2020. Great job by a wonderful multi talented musician.

'The Clovis Limit PT2' is released October 30th and is available to pre-order now direct from Mike.

TFM gives 'The Clovis Limit PT2' 5/5, a truly fantastic musical masterpiece and a must have in your collection.

If you purchase the CD version it can be played as one continuous track with some really interesting and sci fi influenced segues.

'Thanks A Lot' brings us an ever changing landscape to start this adventure with musical changes a plenty. This is definitely not a track to take for granted as you never know what's around the next corner. A wonderful opener that grips you right from the off.

Next up, 'None Of Your Business', is the latest single release and is just a fantastic track. It deals with people that always think they know it all but really don't.

'The Only Place You Ever Take Me Is Down' is a head bobbing foot stomping rocker with a really aggressive and funky sounding guitar and a really cool and heavy rhythm section that allows Mike's guitar work the freedom to shine.