Mike Ross

The Clovis Limit Part 1 Album Review

The latest album from Mike Ross is a real Americana album that would work well anywhere, but especially somewhere like Nashville, the home of Country and Americana music.

Fortunately for us Mike lives in the South of England and can be found regularly touring the UK and Europe and further afield, either as a solo artist, with full band or part of one of his many side projects like RHR.

Here is my Two Finger Media review of this latest project entitled 'The Clovis Project'.


'Lily' is reminiscent of a Bob Dylan number from back in the day, a story told with heartfelt passion.

'Grow In Your Garden' is a beautiful sounding track with wonderful vocals from Mike that will have you hooked along with some stunning sounding Hammond organ.


'Lee Of The Bay' has a Celtic vibe with an upbeat tempo again with wonderful steel accompaniment.

The final track on the album (before the radio edits), sees 'Driftwood' which has a real country twang that just works and really encompasses the vibe of this album.

There are 4 radio edits to add to the end of these tracks, which will be included in the track listing.

This is a really good album by an extremely talented musician who is very good in a variety of musical genres.

If you like your music chilled and relaxed with some quality story telling then you should really check this album out when released on April 26th 2019. TFM gives 'The Clovis Limit Pt1' 4.5/5



The opening track is a song called 'The Reason This Railroad', and this sets the tone for the album with it's flowing vibe and lap steel/pedal steel sound. Americana at it's finest with a hint of 60's flavour...

This is followed by 'Young Man' which has a more Mediterranean sounding intro before you could be forgiven for thinking that Cab Calloway had entered the building with an alternate version of 'Minnie The Moocher', sultry and soulful.....


Track 3, 'Ever After', has a steel intro into a wonderful feeling song with a gospel/country sound that just works.


Track 4 gives us a wonderful duet with one of the best in British female blues/country singers at this moment in time, the fantastic talent that is Elles Bailey.

They come together for the beautiful 'Pick Up Our Anchor'.

Next we have 'Scarlet Coat', an uplifting tune that will have your feet tapping in seconds, with a feel good feeling throughout.

With 'Blow Away', you can just envisage this song being sung by someone like Willie Nelson at the Grand Ole Opry, it is totally the perfect vibe for that.


Track List:-

1. 'The Reason This Railroad'

2. 'Young Man'

3. 'Ever After'

4. 'Pick Up Our Anchor' (feat Elles Bailey)

5. 'Scarlet Coat'

6. 'Blow Away'

7. 'Lily'

8. 'Grow In Your Garden'

9. 'Lee Of The Bay'

10. 'Driftwood'

11. 'Young Man' (single edit)

12. 'Ever After' (single edit)

13. 'Pick Up Our Anchor' (single edit)

14. 'Driftwood' (single edit)